Carol’s Backyard Gym and Hobby Room

“It’s perfect. It’s exactly how I wanted it.” “You don’t have to settle. You get precisely what you want, and with Melwood, you get that choice.” Carol chose a Verandah 15 with a cedar upgrade for her backyard gym and hobby room. “It’s a good investment. It will improve my property. It’s extra room, extra […]

Natasha’s Creative Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

Last year Natasha and her husband were at a crossroads. They were faced with two options – extending their home or adding an outdoor structure. They chose the latter and have never looked back. “It’s a cost-effective way of extending the use of the property without redevelopment.” It was the need for a creative studio […]

Two Garden Rooms and a Truffle Farm Tree Change

“It’s been a massive tree change.” It was a love of truffles that set Anna and Andy on a new path. “I said to Andy, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if one day we went overseas and I could work with an old truffle hunter in Italy?’” “Andy said, ‘why don’t we start our own instead?’” […]

A Backyard Hobby Room, a Husband’s Gift to His Wife

“It makes me relaxed. It makes me feel fulfilled. It gives me a purpose to get up and get going.” “It’s saved me during lockdown because I felt like I had something to do and somewhere to go.” For Teena, pursuing her hobbies has been vital. “It’s been a saviour. It’s helped me with my […]

Newton’s Backyard Office, Gym, and Movie Room

It’s the ultimate escape in the backyard! “I’ve got a spin bike, a treadmill on one end, and I’ve got my office in the middle.” “It gives me peace and quiet away from the kids during work hours.” Step inside, and the garden room is home to some of Newton’s favourite things. “I have some […]

Inside Charlotte’s Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

“It’s beautiful. I love it.” “The minute the structure was in, I was in there.” Charlotte could barely wait to use her newly installed garden room. “I remember the walls hadn’t been done yet, and I wanted to be in there.” “It just spoke to how amazing it was having that separate space.” As a […]

Belinda’s Lockdown Garden Room Project

“It has definitely been a positive addition to our home.” “It was an affordable way to add extra space.” For Belinda and her family, the garden room has come at a perfect time. “Our Melwood has kept us busy during lockdown. We have been painting and doing all the fitting out ourselves.” “We plan to […]

Katrina’s Home Office and Teen Retreat Proves Valuable in Lockdown

“It’s changed the whole way we live.” Last year, Katrina found a cost-effective way to give her family more space. “We were looking for a bit more space in our house, and extending outwards on our house was going to be too expensive.” “We found that a garden room would fill our needs, so we […]

Claire’s Backyard Office, a Peaceful Lockdown Retreat

Once a pool cabana, now a home office. This garden room has evolved to meet a family’s changing needs. When lockdown set in, Claire’s husband Ralph turned the garden room into a backyard office.  “If we didn’t have that, and he had to be in our living space, that would be very hard for him.” […]

Backyard Office Pods from Melwood Backyard Structures

Prefab Home Offices | Prefab Site Offices | Prefab Office Pod Kits | Portable Offices | Backyard Office pods Many people want a modular office pod in their backyard due to the work from home trend. Long term you’ll need a home office that’s quiet away from the kids, the dining table and the bedroom, […]

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