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Backyard Studios: Your Dream Studio Space Awaits

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Life-enhancing Studios

Bring your passion closer to home with a beautifully crafted Greenspan backyard studio. We have been specialists in transforming backyards into functional and stylish retreats since 1976, and in that time we have learned how to perfectly integrate quality design and sustainability with your unique vision. Whether you need a creative space, a private area to run your home business, or even just more usable space for your home, our Australian-made backyard studios offer the perfect tailored solution.
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Quality Crafted Backyard Studios, Made in Australia

Proudly Australian-made, Greenspan’s modular buildings are designed and manufactured right here in Sydney, regardless of whether you’re building a small home office, or a multifunctional timber barn. Our commitment to local craftsmanship ensures that every backyard studio kit we produce meets the highest standards of quality, precision, and craftsmanship that our country is known for. When you choose Greenspan, you are supporting Australian jobs and an Australian run family business. 

Studios That Withstand the Australian Weather

You will benefit from superior construction that is built to withstand the unique Australian climate. We’ll never use cheap, imported materials, instead selecting high-quality materials specifically chosen for their resilience against extreme weather conditions. This commitment to durability provides you with a backyard studio that is both robust and reliable, providing a long-lasting, secure space for your creative or work endeavours. 

Sustainability is at the Heart of Our Building Solutions

At Greenspan, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our backyard studios are constructed using eco-friendly materials and methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our modular construction technique reduces waste and maximises efficiency, making it a greener alternative to traditional building methods. We use sustainably sourced renewable timber framing in our backyard studio kits in Australia, where the plantations we source from are committed to planting a new tree for every one harvested. 

Your Very Own Backyard Studio Space

Imagine having a dedicated space in your backyard where you are free to use it exactly as you wish. Greenspan backyard studios offer complete versatility and can be fully customised to suit a variety of uses:

  • Art Studio: Set up easels, canvases, and all your painting supplies in a light-filled studio that inspires creativity.
  • Accommodation/Spare Bedroom Space: Perfect for hosting guests, providing extra living space, or for creating a stylish, separate AirBnB.
  • Pool Cabanas: Our backyard studios are perfect as a stylish and functional space for poolside relaxation, or for storing your pool equipment.
  • Teen Retreats: Give teenagers their own individual space to hang out with friends, study, or practice instruments.
  • Yoga Studios: Create your very own backyard retreat that’s ideal for practising yoga and meditation in a tranquil environment.
  • Home Gym: Set up your own personal fitness centre just steps away from your home. 
  • Backyard Offices: Create productive office pods that are free from the distractions of the main house. Write, relax, create, work – it’s up to you. 

5 Steps to Your Perfect Backyard Studio

  1. Discovering and Deciding: Explore Greenspan’s range of backyard studio options. Download our brochure for details on backyard studio kits.
  2. Designing: Consult with a Solutioneer to finalise your design at our Display Centre. Personalise your studio to fit your needs.
  3. Precrafting: Our team begins PreCrafting your backyard studio kit with precision and care in our Sydney-based factory.
  4. Delivery and Installation: Your PreCrafted build is delivered and can be expertly assembled by one of our install partners, or you can DIY or engage a builder of your own choice.
  5. Fitout, Styling, and Sharing: Personalise your backyard studio space with interior fit-out and styling. Share your creativity with us – we’d love to see your backyard studio transformation!

Design and Build Your Dream Backyard Studio Today

Contact Greenspan today to schedule a consultation with our expert PreCrafting team. Let us help you design and build a backyard studio that transforms your lifestyle, meets your unique functionality needs, and showcases your individual personality. Whatever backyard pods you’re looking for, Greenspan has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Don’t wait – start your journey to a better backyard with Greenspan today!
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Transform Your Home and Life With Greenspan Backyard Studios

Increased Property Value:

A studio can significantly boost your property’s value. By adding versatile, functional living space, you make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase its market appeal.

Enhanced Lifestyle:

Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated space for work, hobbies, or guests right in your backyard. Our backyard studios offer a peaceful, private environment tailored to your needs, enhancing your everyday living experience.

Cost and Time Effective Expansion:

Our studios provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional home renovations or extensions with a full 10 year structural warranty, as well as offering a much faster build time of just a matter of weeks. 

Privacy and Convenience:

Experience the best of both worlds with a backyard studio that offers a separate, private space just steps away from your home. This is ideal for creating a focused environment to enjoy your craft.

Sustainable Living:

Greenspan’s commitment to sustainability means your studio is built using eco-friendly materials and methods. Enjoy an energy-efficient space crafted from sustainably sourced timber and reduce your environmental footprint.

Quick and Efficient Installation:

Our modular construction methods ensure that your build is installed with minimal disruption, and enable you to start enjoying your new space sooner than you might with traditional construction.

Customisable Design:

Every backyard studio can be tailored to your specific requirements. Choose from a variety of cladding and roofing options, windows, doors, colours, and add-on features such as verandahs and decks, and create a space that perfectly aligns with your vision and lifestyle.


Greenspan studios are incredibly versatile and are designed to serve multiple purposes. Whatever you need for your backyard, let Greenspan design a space that aligns with you.

Happiness, the Greenspan Way

The Greenspan Way is our proven pathway for helping you choose wisely, navigate local planning requirements and stay involved at every step. Combining five decades of PreCrafting experience and wisdom, it’s your assurance of a great experience and an awesome outcome.

Your Dream Space,
Your Way

Your preferred design is just a starting point.

We understand that every customer’s lifestyle, property, and needs are unique.

That’s why your Design Solutioneer will collaborate with you using 3D design technology to personalise every aspect of your design, from size, height, windows, doors, colours, cladding, and add-ons.

Together, we’ll bring your vision to life, ensuring your new space perfectly aligns with your style and functional needs.

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Do I need planning permission to install a backyard studio in Australia?

Planning permission requirements can vary depending on your location and the size of the studio. It is essential to check with your local council for specific regulations in your area. Greenspan can provide guidance and support throughout the approval process, helping you navigate any necessary permits and ensuring that your backyard studio complies with local building codes.

Can backyard studios be used year-round?

Yes, Greenspan backyard studios are designed for year-round use. They are built with high-quality materials, such as Colorbond® roofing and premium cladding, to ensure comfort in all seasons. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the chill of winter, your backyard studio will provide a comfortable environment, making it suitable for use throughout the year.

What materials are used in the construction of backyard studios?

Greenspan uses sustainably sourced renewable plantation timber framing for our backyard studios. Our construction methods are eco-friendly, focusing on minimising environmental impact while maximising energy efficiency. PreCrafting is inherently a sustainable process and it’s highly effective in minimising waste and reducing resources used. Each component is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that your backyard studio is not only durable and long-lasting but also environmentally responsible.


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