Greenspan has been transforming lives since 1976


PreCrafting is in our DNA

In recent years, modular ‘kit’ buildings have become popular as an affordable and sustainable living solution. We pioneered the concept back in 1976. Our clearspan, panel-built constructions quickly gained popularity and the business grew and evolved to encompass cabanas, garden studios and rural barns. Since then, we’ve continuously evolved our products in the quest for superior modularity, elegance and strength. It’s not so much a trade as a calling, and it runs in our blood. Now a third-generation family business, and with over 10,000 PreCrafted buildings across Australia, Greenspan is a name you can trust.


PreCrafting is your guarantee of success

As pioneers in the concept, for the past five decades we have been refining the art of prefabricated building to its highest form.

We call it PreCrafting.

The success of your PreCrafted building is assured from the start. Design and manufacturing technologies are integrated with timeless craftsmanship to ensure that every detail is executed with millimetre precision in our workshop.

PreCrafting reduces time, cost, disruption and resources. It is unaffected by weather, and site or access issues can usually be easily overcome. Design options are versatile, flexible and customisable. Finished products are high quality, durable and sturdy, yet portable. And when going through building approval, they are subject to the same critical stage building inspections as any other traditional building project.


Meet the team

We are a caring family team in every sense, whether by name or kinship.

Today, we have over 33 Solutioneers across four locations. 

Design Solutioneers

Our professional Design Solutioneers are here to help you create your perfect space and guide you along the Greenspan Way. 

John Corsi


Franky Ye


Jake Hazeal


John Chesterfield

Director & Solutioneer

Doug Chesterfield

Director & Senior Solutioneer



Daniel Jancek

Production Manager

Gum Deng

Factory Joiner & Assembler

Jay Hiku

Factory Joiner & Assembler

Jamie McWhirter

Despatch Operator

Lopeti Finau

Factory Joiner & Assembler

Peli Aluesi

Training & QA Manager

Htoo Nay Bala

Materials Manager

Jeremy Jenkins

Factory Joiner & Assembler

Cooper McWhirter


Luke Carter




Blake Hogan

Product Design

Nathan Wiltshire

Customer Service

Amy Chesterfield

Customer Service

Mitchell Garklavs


Sarah Hegarty

Marketing Assistant

Brendan Huckel

Drafting Assistant

Chantel St Quintin

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Matt O’Grady

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Pia Almira Miranda


Rici Mie Paulines

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Danika Knight

Procurement Officer

John Chesterfield

Director & Solutioneer

Doug Chesterfield

Director & Senior Solutioneer