A Backyard Hobby Room, a Husband’s Gift to His Wife

“It makes me relaxed. It makes me feel fulfilled. It gives me a purpose to get up and get going.”

“It’s saved me during lockdown because I felt like I had something to do and somewhere to go.”

For Teena, pursuing her hobbies has been vital.

“It’s been a saviour. It’s helped me with my mental health.”

And it’s here in this dedicated garden room where she does what she loves most.

“We have a small house, and I like arts and crafts, so we decided to look for a free-standing room to solve the problem.”

The Melwood Verandah 15 measures 5.4m x 2.6m

Teena and her husband, Les, chose the Verandah 15 in board and batten with double doors and sidelights.

“The process of designing was a matter of what would fit in our yard.”

“I wanted a cute cottage look, so it felt more like a craft room than an ultra-modern spaced one.”

“I eat my lunch on the verandah here at the studio. “I love it. It’s inspirational.”

The verandah is Teena’s favourite place to relax

Teena’s outdoor studio has also inspired a new creative outlet.

“I’m retired, so you have to find something you want to do.”

“During lockdown, I taught myself macramé, and I did that in the garden room.”

Teena’s hobby room is a dedicated creative space

It was Les who wanted to give Teena her own space – the ultimate gift from a husband to his wife.

“He said I want to set up your art or sewing without having to pack it up if the grandkids come for dinner,” Teena explained.

And when the grandkids do come over, there are specific rules.

“I’ve said right from the beginning this is grandma’s special room.”

“They come to the door when I’m in here, and they ask ‘can I come in, Grandma?'”

“That’s why I got the room, so I didn’t have to put those dangerous things away.”

“They sit at my desk and do arts and crafts but only under supervision.”

Our Australian made prefab structures are the best quality solution on the market

As for her satisfaction with the garden room, Teena says it best.

“It’s wonderful. I love it to bits.”

“I recommend it to everyone, and I tell them what an amazing company Melwood is.”

“Everyone that comes to our house says, oh, ‘you’re so lucky, and I say you should get one!'”

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