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Life-enhancing Barns

At Greenspan, we understand the importance of quality, functionality, and style when it comes to choosing the right structure for your property. Our timber barns combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create a versatile, reliable solution for your agricultural, commercial, or residential barn needs. With decades of experience, a commitment to quality, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, trust Greenspan to create a wooden barn that has the power to revolutionise how you live.
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Built to Withstand Harsh Australian Weather

Our timber barns are crafted with materials specifically selected for their durability in the face of Australia’s harsh weather conditions. From scorching heat to heavy rains and high winds, our barns are designed to endure it all. We’ll never use cheap imported materials, meaning our wooden barns provide long-lasting protection and reliability for many years to come.

Always Sustainably Sourced

At Greenspan, we prioritise sustainability in everything we do. Our wooden and timber barns are constructed using timber framing from renewable forests, ensuring minimal environmental impact. For every tree the plantation we use harvests, a new one is planted. We employ eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process of our timber barn kits to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. With Greenspan, you can feel confident knowing that your timber barn is committed to protecting the planet for future generations.

Timber Barns That Are Endlessly Customisable

One of the key advantages of choosing Greenspan timber barns is the level of customisability we offer. From the size and design to the finer details, you have the freedom to create a wooden or timber barn that meets your exact specifications and reflects your unique style. Whether you need additional storage space, a workshop for your hobbies, accommodation or a functional commercial facility, our team of timber barn builders will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

A Timber Barn Means Complete Versatility

Wooden and timber barns are incredibly versatile structures with a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Use your prefabricated timber barn however it suits you:

  • Workshops and Studios: With their spacious interiors and robust construction, wooden and timber barns make excellent workshops and art studios. Artists, craftspeople, and hobbyists can utilise the space to pursue their creative endeavours, whether it’s woodworking, painting, sculpting, or crafting.
  • Event Venues: Offering rustic charm and open layouts, wooden and timber barns are increasingly popular as event venues for weddings, parties, and gatherings. The spacious interiors matched with a picturesque surrounding creates a unique atmosphere for memorable occasions.
  • Commercial Spaces: Wooden and timber barns can also serve as commercial spaces for businesses such as farm shops, markets, breweries, and wineries. Their distinctive appearance and versatile layout make them attractive venues for retail, hospitality, and agritourism ventures.
  • Residential Homes and Accommodation: In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards using timber barns as accommodation sheds, Airbnbs or as permanent dwellings. Barn homes offer rustic yet modern living spaces and can feature open-plan layouts, high cathedral ceilings, and plenty of natural light. 

Experience the Greenspan Difference

Ready to invest in a Greenspan timber barn for yourself? Then contact us today to discuss your unique project and explore the possibilities. With our expertise in prefabricated timber barns, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re confident that we can deliver a wooden or timber barn that exceeds your expectations. Don’t wait any longer – create a timber barn and revolutionise the way you live.

Alternatively explore our range of additional offerings, including office pods for modern workspaces and off-grid cabins for sustainable living solutions.
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Why Choose Greenspan Timber Barns?

Expert Craftsmanship:

With nearly five decades of expertise, Greenspan delivers impeccable craftsmanship in every aspect of your wooden barn project.

Customisation Options:

Tailor the design and finish of your timber barns to suit your unique preferences with our versatile wooden barn kits. Choose roofing, cladding, window, door, and colour options to create your perfect space.

Durability and Strength:

Constructed with high-quality, Australian-sourced timber, our robust wooden barns ensure lasting durability, providing secure shelter for you or your assets.

Increased Property Value:

Adding timber barn sheds to your land will maximise the value of your property when it comes to selling, because you’ll be adding a substantial, versatile space that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

10-Year Structural Warranty:

Enjoy an impressive 10-year structural warranty on your wooden barn and relax knowing you’re protected for years to come.


From classic to contemporary designs, our timber barns offer unmatched versatility, seamlessly blending with any property aesthetic.

Australian Made and Designed:

Enjoy locally manufactured wooden barns that adhere to the highest standards of quality and compliance with Australian regulations.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you from consultation to installation, ensuring your vision is realised with transparency, precision, and a commitment to excellence.

Fast Installation:

With a streamlined process, enjoy a swift installation timeline of as little as a few weeks from start to finish, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule.

Happiness, the Greenspan Way

The Greenspan Way is our proven pathway for helping you choose wisely, navigate local planning requirements and stay involved at every step. Combining five decades of PreCrafting experience and wisdom, it’s your assurance of a great experience and an awesome outcome.

Your Dream Space,
Your Way

Your preferred design is just a starting point.

We understand that every customer’s lifestyle, property, and needs are unique.

That’s why your Design Solutioneer will collaborate with you using 3D design technology to personalise every aspect of your design, from size, height, windows, doors, colours, cladding, and add-ons.

Together, we’ll bring your vision to life, ensuring your new space perfectly aligns with your style and functional needs.

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Do timber barns require maintenance?

While timber barns are known for their durability and longevity, they do require some maintenance to ensure they remain in optimal condition. Regular cleaning & maintenance tasks may include inspecting the structure for signs of wear or damage, repairing any issues promptly, and applying protective coatings or treatments to wood surfaces to prevent rot, decay, or insect infestation. Greenspan timber barn kits come with comprehensive instructions for assembly and maintenance, ensuring that your timber barn sheds remain in top condition for years to come.

Can timber barns be converted into living spaces?

Yes, timber barns can be converted into a wide range of living spaces, offering a unique opportunity to repurpose these structures for modern use. With the right modifications and renovations, a timber barn can be transformed into a comfortable and functional living space such as a guest house, a granny flat, or even a primary residence. 

Greenspan works with a number of trusted partners that offer fitout options for customers looking to convert their timber barn sheds into habitable living spaces. This can include additional insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring, and interior finishes to create a cosy and inviting environment.

Can I add features like windows, doors, or loft space to my timber barn?

Yes, every timber barn can be personalised with a variety of features and finishes. Greenspan offers a range of options for customisation, including windows, doors, lofts, porches, verandahs, and decks, allowing customers to create a timber barn that meets their specific needs and preferences. Our team of experienced barn builders works closely with customers to design and construct timber barns tailored to their individual requirements, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered and implemented to achieve the desired outcome. 

How durable are timber barns, especially in the harsh Australian climate?

Timber barns are renowned for their exceptional durability, making them well-suited to withstand the rigours of the Australian weather. Constructed from high-quality timber and engineered with precision, our timber barns are designed to endure extreme heat, heavy rain, strong winds, and other environmental challenges commonly encountered in Australia. With proper maintenance and care, Greenspan’s timber barns offer long-lasting protection and reliability, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.


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