Carol’s Backyard Gym and Hobby Room

“It’s perfect. It’s exactly how I wanted it.”

“You don’t have to settle. You get precisely what you want, and with Melwood, you get that choice.”

Carol chose a Verandah 15 with a cedar upgrade for her backyard gym and hobby room.

“It’s a good investment. It will improve my property. It’s extra room, extra space.”

Carol's backyard gym
The Verandah 15 with cedar upgrade, double doors, and sidelight windows

Carol says her decision to opt for a Melwood was made easy.

“I did the homework. I went and Googled a lot of places, and yours looked the best. So I was happy with what I saw and what I read.”

“It was a really easy process from woe to go. The guys arrived to put it up in a day, and it was ready to go.”

The Melwood prefab panels provide ease of assembly

Once installed to lock-up stage, it was ready for paint and fit-out.

“We had tradies do everything other than the painting.”

On the inside, Carol says she has all the equipment she needs to keep fit.

“I’m not an athlete. I don’t go overboard. I’ve used gym equipment most of my life.”

She’s added an elliptical, a rebounder, and a bike.

Inside Carol's backyard gym
Carol’s backyard gym has all the equipment she needs

“As you get older, you want to keep moving. I’m retired, so I like to keep moving and not turn into a lazy blob.”

“I can go out there and work off all the food I cooked and ate.”

“I can pretend I’m cycling in the Tour de France.”

The backyard gym provides comfort all year round, even when it’s hard to find motivation.

“I’ve air-conditioned it, so I can put that on if I want to have a big heavy workout if it’s stinking hot.”

“If it’s cold and I don’t want to start, I can warm the room up first.”

Most of all, she loves the convenience the garden room offers.

The garden room serves as a gym and hobby room

“I can use it for anything. But for now, for my purposes, it’s a home gym and sewing room.”

“If I need to do repairs, the machine is set up, ready to go.”

And while Carol’s partner would love to have the space for himself, she says it’s unlikely to happen.

“It’s a ‘she shed’ so he can keep his hands off it!”

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