Claire’s Backyard Office, a Peaceful Lockdown Retreat

Once a pool cabana, now a home office.

This garden room has evolved to meet a family’s changing needs.

When lockdown set in, Claire’s husband Ralph turned the garden room into a backyard office. 

“If we didn’t have that, and he had to be in our living space, that would be very hard for him.”

“He walks down the other end, and he comes back at night. So he still has that simulation of the workday.”

Multipurpose space: pool cabana instantly transformed into a home office

Without the extra space, Claire says life in lockdown would be more challenging. 

“I can’t imagine the people trying to do all of that with little kids as well, all in a confined space; it fills me with dread.”

“The cabana has been a lifesaver.”

Melwood Mod 18 with cedar upgrade, additional double doors, and additional deck

Claire chose the Melwood Mod 18 with cedar upgrade and an additional deck.

“Until we put the pool and cabana in there, it was a dead area. It didn’t get any love from us because no one spent any time in there.”

Now, it’s a space the whole family enjoys. 

Prefab Melwood garden room, a versatile space to meet a family’s changing needs

“I use it when I have girlfriends come over. It’s a place where we can go and have a drink away from the kids who are around.”

“Sometimes my eldest son goes there and uses it for homework when he needs to focus.”

Once installed to lock-up stage, Claire completed the fit-out, adding her finishing touches.

Installed to lock-up stage, the cabana adds more lifestyle space to this backyard

“I run a furniture restoration business, so in terms of furnishing it, I put all my favourite things in there.”

“On the inside, I wanted to keep it clean and simple.”

The Melwood has transformed the backyard, giving the family of five more room for what matters most. 

“I love it so much. I think it’s going to be one of those things that’s always shared by the family.”

“It’s such a valuable, flexible space. I’m glad that we decided to get it. It’s definitely worth it.”

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