Inside Charlotte’s Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

“It’s beautiful. I love it.”

“The minute the structure was in, I was in there.”

Charlotte could barely wait to use her newly installed garden room.

“I remember the walls hadn’t been done yet, and I wanted to be in there.”

“It just spoke to how amazing it was having that separate space.”

As a Psychic Medium, Charlotte uses the outdoor studio for readings and energy healing.

“Having an area where they can feel comfortable, feel safe, and be ready for their session is special.”

Charlotte has created a warm and inviting space for her clients

Charlotte and her family chose a Mod 13 with a cedar upgrade and double doors.

“Mum came across Melwood. It was so easy to picture what we needed and what would work for a studio.”

“I remember I was in a bit of disbelief when mum said it would be put up in a day.”

Before lockdown, Charlotte lived with her parents and had her home office conveniently located in the backyard.

With the restrictions in place, she’s been unable to use it.

A custom size Mod 13 with cedar upgrade and double doors. Measures: 3.6m x 3.7m

“It’s been hard. I’m missing it a lot.”

“I constantly Facetime my sister, who is working in the studio at the moment. Because it is my space, she’s taking good care of it.”

Without the garden room, Charlotte says, working from home isn’t quite the same.

“Working out of my apartment has highlighted to me how special it is to have your own setup and your own space.”

“The light that comes through is divine.”

Charlotte added extra windows, allowing natural light to fill the cabana

Being away from the studio has given Charlotte a renewed appreciation for her garden room.

“I absolutely love it. I feel very lucky to have it as well.”

“When the light comes through, it’s so clean. To sit and bask in that is my favourite thing. I’m missing it a lot.”

“It’s my little sanctuary.”

In recommending it to others, Charlotte’s response is simple.

“I would say there’s no question. Go for it.”

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