Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Our Philosophy

Built for life

There’s an inherent sustainability in the way we build that stems from an aversion to waste. Passed down through three generations, it’s led us to a building philosophy that maximises every resource – be it timber, fastenings or space. This results in buildings that cost less in time, money and environmental impact but do more to enhance the lives of their owners. And because longevity is the ultimate sustainability, we confidently back our products with a 10-year structural warranty.

Minimal waste

PreCrafted construction minimises waste when compared to traditional methods.  

Every detail of our products, from the pitch of the roofs to the placement of the bolts, is carefully planned and PreCrafted with millimeter precision.  

In our Sydney-based factory, we employ time-honoured craftsmanship techniques to meticulously handcraft each component. Using a series of 50 steps and 20 quality control checks, waste is minimised at every point 

This process doesn’t just ensure the modular parts fit quickly and easily on site. It also ensures the best outcome for you and our environment. 

Sustainably sourced

At Greenspan, we care for the environment.

Which is why our range of PreCrafted buildings are framed using sustainably-sourced renewable plantation timber where, for every tree that is harvested, at least one new tree is planted.

Benefits of timber

Timber has the lowest embodied energy of all mainstream building materials. This means the entire production process of timber framing, from planting and harvesting to manufacturing, transportation and installation, uses the least amount of energy. New emerging technologies and innovations are increasing yields from each log, decreasing waste and further reducing energy use.

The timber production process, from sapling to installation, actually removes more carbon from the air than it emits. Younger trees collect carbon dioxide at a faster rate so it’s beneficial to replace older trees. This helps offset the carbon emissions associated with tree harvesting and replanting.

When using processed timber, your structure not only reduces carbon emissions but also acts as a carbon store, locking up carbon deep within its core. This carbon remains safely stored, contributing to cleaner air for as long as your structure exists.

Did you know that using plantation timber in building structures is a natural way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere? Trees in softwood plantations grow for approximately 30 years before they are harvested, effectively capturing significant amounts of carbon dioxide.

Negative perceptions about logging and deforestation might lead to the misconception that cutting down trees is a bad thing. But, when timber comes from a sustainably managed source, it is one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. In Australia, we have a robust commitment to sustainability, replanting over 70 million trees annually. For every tree harvested, at least one is replanted.

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