Natasha’s Creative Studio, a Backyard Sanctuary

Last year Natasha and her husband were at a crossroads.

They were faced with two options – extending their home or adding an outdoor structure.

They chose the latter and have never looked back.

“It’s a cost-effective way of extending the use of the property without redevelopment.”

It was the need for a creative studio that prompted the couple to install a garden room.

“At the end of last year, I decided I would do a Diploma in Ceramics,” Natasha explained.

“I realised I needed a dedicated space because I had bits and equipment through the house and in the laundry.”

Natasha’s husband completed the internal fit-out, adding shelves and plywood walls

Natasha and her husband found the perfect solution with a Melwood.

“We decided to look at cabins, and we came across Melwood. So we decided from the showroom that the Porch 12 was the right look and feel for the house.”

A backyard studio is born: The prefab panels going up!

Having the prefab structure installed to lock-up stage was most appealing to Natasha.

“To have complete control of fitting it out has been empowering. It has given me a beautiful, wonderful space.”

“It brings me so much joy. It allows me to be in my zone.”

Melwood Porch 12 with cedar upgrade and double doors

When designing the garden room, she chose the size and orientation of windows and doors.

“We maximised the light. It’s important that I work in natural light.”

“We had the double-hung window put on the side where it’s near the rainwater tap. So I’m able to have a pottery wheel inside, and I can dismantle it and wash it through the window.”

Natasha chose the size and orientation of windows to suit her needs

And while it’s Natasha’s domain, she credits her husband for making it possible.

“It’s brought my husband many hours of joy fitting it out. He built all the tables that are in there. It was a great project for him.”

Outdoor space maximised with a Melwood garden room

But most of all, it’s given the family of four a renewed use of their backyard.

“My husband put up some solar power fairy lights, so the cabin glows at night. It gives it an ethereal quality.”

“It adds a touch of beauty as well.”

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