Happiness, the Greenspan Way


You’re in Control

Investing in a Greenspan PreCrafted building is a refreshingly doubt-free experience. Every detail is precisely specified and crafted using Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. And because we PreCraft in our own workshops, even the weather can’t interfere.

As our customer, you’ll enjoy that certainty throughout – thanks to the Greenspan Way. Combining nearly fifty years of PreCrafting experience and wisdom, the Greenspan Way is our proven pathway for helping you choose wisely, navigate local planning requirements and stay informed at every step.

In 5 Easy Steps


Download a Brochure and Price Guide

If you haven’t already, download our Design Price Guide. You’ll be surprised how affordable PreCrafted buildings are compared to traditional building.

Talk to a Solutioneer

Book a 15-minute Discovery Call with one of our Solutioneers. Chat about what you have in mind and learn how best to make it happen.

Visit a Display Centre

Make an appointment with your Solutioneer to come and experience our PreCrafted designs at a Greenspan Display Centre – either in person or virtually. View the architectural options, personalisation features and internal fitout choices. Learn how our regulatory planning expertise can ease the way for approvals or exemptions and get a ballpark cost for your project.

Arrange a final Design Consultation

This consultation with your Solutioneer brings the possibilities and costs into clearer focus. It can be done virtually, at our Display Centre or at your property (there’s a $250 – $500 fee for property visits, which is deducted from the purchase price).

Choose with Confidence

We’ll guide you through the options for personalising your PreCrafted building. And as your concept takes shape, we’ll be able to establish a firm cost proposal complete with all the information you need to invest confidently.


Invest in Production Drawings

When you have approved your itemised quote, we ask for a preliminary payment of 10% of the project cost. We then get started on the production drawings, which precisely detail the unique specifications of your PreCrafted building.

Review your Drawings

We share the production drawings with you and talk through any questions or changes you may have.

Address any Planning Requirements

We help you navigate your local planning requirements – if necessary, with the help of our external advisors.

Give us the Go Ahead

When you are happy with any design updates or revised costs, you can sign off the production drawings.

Choose your Installers

At this point your Solutioneer can help with your options for installation and fitout


Invest Wisely

When you have signed off your production drawings, we ask you to make a payment of 60% of the total investment including any variation costs. The materials for your project are purchased and allocated – along with any personalised features.

Set the Date

We agree your preferred delivery date, so our team can start PreCrafting your building to schedule.

PreCrafting Begins

We transfer your drawings into our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system to precisely cut all the elements of your design. We then handcraft all the components in a series of 50 steps and 20 quality control checks, minimising waste at every point. The Greenspan Way ensures the best outcome for you and our environment.

Lock in Your Installer

Now that your Greenspan building is being PreCrafted, we recommend you confirm your installation and fitout tradespeople. If you are not using a Greenspan installer, we can provide an installation briefing to your chosen contractor.

Know What’s Happening

At every step we’ll keep you updated on how your project is tracking and when the final QC and building sign-off has been completed.


Double Checking

Prior to delivery, we ask for the 30% balance payment and double check any specific onsite delivery instructions you have.

We Deliver

We carefully pack your building and deliver to your site, along with your Care Guide and Warranty documents.

Up She Goes

Your chosen installer will begin assembly. If you are not using one of Greenspan’s experienced partner installers, we will provide clear steps and checklists for your contractor. We are always available by phone to clarify any details if needed.

Budget for Installation

When you are planning your budget, remember to allow for the installation payment at this stage.


Arrange the Fitout

Arrange for your tradespeople or installer to complete the fitout, then add your personal touch with interior styling and furnishings.

Share your Flair

We always love seeing how our customers add their personal style to our buildings. If you are happy to share photos of your creative flair, we’d be honoured to post them on our website as inspiration for others – with your consent, of course.

Share your Experience

When you are ready, we ask you to help us by answering a few questions in our post-completion survey.

Share in our Success

Now you’re a member of our Greenspan community, we can provide you with details of our referral program, with rewards for you and your friends who transform their homes the Greenspan Way.

Delivery Solutions

We’ll deliver your PreCrafted building on the day and time agreed. 

If you have a challenging site with restricted or tight access, rest assured we are well-prepared. Your new ready-to-build space will arrive on the back of a truck to the last point of delivery vehicle access. Whether you are remote, waterfront, cliffside or have any type of site with tricky access conditions, it’s no problem. Simply chat to your Design Solutioneer about how we will handle it. 

Installation Solutions

For a fast and efficient build, we can connect you with one of our installation options, subject to availability in your area. They can also work with you to ensure the design of the fitout and finish meets the style of space you wish to create. If you prefer to use your own builder, or even choose to DIY, we’ll provide a full briefing and Installation Guide, and will be available by phone for any clarifications.  

Planning Advice

With legislation differing around the country, navigating council planning approvals and exemptions can be challenging. Our expert Design Solutioneers are here to help guide you through the compliance process and make it as easy as possible for you. As part of the design process, they will talk you through the specific requirements for your project. 

Greenspan for


Revolutionise project efficiency with our prefabricated garden and acreage buildings. Precision-designed and PreCrafted for quick and simple installation, these modular solutions slash on-site labour, material waste, and construction time. An elevated floor system on piers eliminates the need for extensive earthworks, site levelling, and concrete slabs, while the off-site manufacturing process negates weather impacts. Even challenging sites or access issues can be easily overcome.
Our versatile, customisable designs utilise premium materials and undergo the same critical inspections as traditional builds. 

Streamline your operations with our game-changing, prefabricated solutions. Expedite completions with rapid timelines to take on more jobs. And deliver high-quality, durable products that exceed your customers’ expectations. 


Unleash your creativity with our prefabricated garden and acreage buildings. Our modular panel system offers unparalleled versatility to design personalised spaces tailored to your clients’ unique visions. Explore and achieve diverse aesthetics through premium materials, a variety of gable profiles and roof pitches, as well as personalisable design features with flexible placement. Multiple modular structures can be combined to create expansive projects of unlimited size. By designing within our parameters, the structural and engineering complexities are already expertly resolved, streamlining your processes.   

Elevate your architectural concepts through this fusion of creative freedom and construction certainty. You’ll deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations while maximising your productivity and creative potential.  

Download design price guide