Katrina’s Home Office and Teen Retreat Proves Valuable in Lockdown

“It’s changed the whole way we live.”

Last year, Katrina found a cost-effective way to give her family more space.

“We were looking for a bit more space in our house, and extending outwards on our house was going to be too expensive.”

“We found that a garden room would fill our needs, so we dealt with Melwood.”

Custom Melwood Porch/Verandah Design 20 with pre-primed weatherboards, and panorama window upgrade

This garden room functions as a work from home studio as well as a teen retreat.

“It’s changed the way we use our house. We have a separate breakout space for our teenagers to hang out and play PlayStation.”

“During lockdown, its main purpose has been a home office.”

Katrina chose the size and orientation of windows, allowing plenty of light to fill the garden room

With both Katrina and her husband working from home, space is a commodity.

“I am full time in the office, and he’s very jealous because he is stuck inside on the kitchen table with the teenagers.”

“When we got locked down, I shot-gunned it, so I’ve been out here full time.”

“It makes working from home much more pleasurable.”

Katrina completed the fit-out, opting for a Hampton’s inspired style

So, how did Katrina negotiate to have the backyard office to herself?

“He worked from home quite a bit outside of lockdown, so he gets to use it quite a bit.  Whereas I’m generally based full time in my office.”

Katrina recalls what working from home resembled before the garden room existed.

“The last lockdown in 2020, we had a desk set up in our bedroom.”

“We were doing video conferences with our bed in the background.”

“It was awkward and uncomfortable. You felt like you were constantly working because your laptop was always on.”

Lifestyle space made easy, the custom Melwood design measures 3.2m x 6.3m

The added outdoor space has given the family room to spend time apart and come together.

“It’s given us a whole extra space to enjoy each other’s company and get away from each other.”

“It was a very easy process.”

“It was all done and dusted in a matter of days.”

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