Two Garden Rooms and a Truffle Farm Tree Change

“It’s been a massive tree change.”

It was a love of truffles that set Anna and Andy on a new path.

“I said to Andy, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if one day we went overseas and I could work with an old truffle hunter in Italy?'”

“Andy said, ‘why don’t we start our own instead?'”

From there, a vision turned into a reality.

“Two months later, we had done a lot of research. We found this piece of land and embarked on the journey to have our own truffle farm.”

Two Melwood garden rooms feature on Anna and Andy’s truffle farm

And seven years later, Anna and Andy’s business is thriving.

“We are now into our second year of production.”

Installed to lock-up stage: The Melwood Porch 12 with cedar upgrade and barn-style double doors

And two Melwood garden rooms play a part on the busy farm.

“We got the first Melwood because we liked the idea that it was quick and easy to put up. We wanted it to store our mowers and farm equipment.”

“We had our baby trees stored in it before planting them.”

The Melwood Mod 23 with cedar upgrade. Measures: 7.2m x 3.2m

When it comes to the use of the second Melwood, it’s is all about soaking up the serenity.

“We chose this great spot that looked out onto the river. It sits perched on the edge of our cliff. It’s lovely.”

“It’s a peaceful, calming space.”

How’s the serenity? The view from the Melwood Mod 23

The couple says they were fortunate to have made the tree change all those years ago.

“We know how hard it is for people living in the city. Whereas down here, life goes on because you’re working on the land, and each day is pretty normal, so we are super lucky.”

Having the outdoor rooms allows the couple to break away from the main house.

“Our house isn’t big, so we know we’ve always got the two extra cabins.”

And Anna sees the use of the garden rooms evolving.

“One is going to turn into a small craft room.”

While it’s a hard day at work on the farm, Anna and Andy have two little helpers.

“The eldest one is Cyril, and the second dog is Oberon.”

“Oberon is completely blind, and he’s adjusted well to the different cabins getting up and down. So we made a little ramp for Oberon to get up the bigger cabin.”

As for Cyril, he’s dubbed ‘the truffle sniffer.’

“He’s the number one sniffer, but only when he’s in the mood. He’s very quick at finding ripe truffles. He can find them within ten seconds.”

“If he’s having a bad day, you can’t get him to find anything.”

But Anna says a new top dog will head the truffle sniffing operation.

“Oberon will be the main dog that we’ll use next year. He is a little bit more compliant!”

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