A Country Oasis, a Tree Change Dream

It’s the perfect place to escape from city life. Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park. Making a move from Sydney to Laguna, Alistair planned a prefab Cedarspan™ project for his rural property. For ten years, he and his wife called it home. “It was a beautifully designed cabin. Everything fitted […]

Tony and Julie’s Stunning Getaway with 4 Luxury Cedarspan Cabins

For two decades, this has been a family-owned working farm but since Tony and Julie acquired 20 acres of sprawling country plains in 2018, it’s been a popular destination for holiday-makers. And it’s where four Cedarspan™ Loft Cabins shape a stunning country venue, garnering 5-star reviews on Google. “They are all part of Lake Oberon […]

3 Cabins to Inspire Your Tree Change Dream

Rural towns have become in-demand tree change destinations. According to ABS data, migration to the regions has reached its highest record in two decades. Looking for a change in pace often inspires the big move, and Cedarspan™ customers share how they realised their dream. Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park. Making […]

Michael’s Beautiful Barn Set on a Vineyard

“It’s a quick architectural solution.” “We got what we were after; a functional building that looked great as well.” Four years ago, Michael and his wife, Julie, added this Cedarspan™ barn to their property. “They are designed with nice symmetries. We thought it would look good on a vineyard.” Michael chose a 30H60 Loft Barn […]

David’s Rustic Cabin, a Family Holiday Home

A trip to the Cedarspan™ display centre led David on a path to a tree change lifestyle. “We were looking around at what was available, and we went out to Girraween. I said to Doug, ‘how much is this one?’”   As it turned out, it was for sale. “We bought your ex-display cabin.”   […]

Gail’s Charming Bed & Breakfast

It was the year 2000 when Gail and her husband Terence changed their lives. “We decided we were moving to Victoria.”   They settled in Daylesford, a picturesque town known as the spa capital of Australia. “We bought a property with a view to set up a Bed and Breakfast, which we did.”   Gail […]

Rick’s Cedar Cabin, a Family’s Special Place

Rick was once an empty-nester, but circumstances have changed. “The problem with older girls is they tend to go away and come back.” “I have wound up having a full house again.” It was 2006 when Rick had his Cedarspan™ installed. “At the time, we had a full house and nowhere for guests to stay, […]

Linda’s Stylish Cabin, a Place for Happy Family Memories

A visit to the Cedarspan™ display centre inspired Linda to add a prefab cabin to her property. “I liked the look of them and how they fit together as a kit.”   That was 25 years ago. “It’s been wonderful.” “It’s sturdy. It hasn’t moved. It hasn’t leaked.”   Linda and her husband chose a […]

Nick’s Peaceful Cabin, a Tree Change Dream

  In a small town in the mid-north region of South Australia, Nick has built a home and a lifestyle. “It’s 120km from Adelaide, but it’s way off the beaten track.” “I always wanted to build a home. My father was a builder, and my brother had built his own home. So I thought it […]

Two Rustic Cabins Make a Country Lifestyle Dream

It’s a tale of two Cedarspan™ cabins. One old. One new.  The original has been standing for 25 years. When Max moved onto the property, he decided to add another. “Once we determined we wanted to keep it the same, we contacted Cedarspan™”   A 30C50 was added beside the existing cabin, and an annex […]

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