Gail’s Charming Bed & Breakfast

It was the year 2000 when Gail and her husband Terence changed their lives.

“We decided we were moving to Victoria.”


They settled in Daylesford, a picturesque town known as the spa capital of Australia.

“We bought a property with a view to set up a Bed and Breakfast, which we did.”


Gail’s Bed & Breakfast cabin in Daylesford, Victoria

Gail and Terence chose a Cedarspan™ 30C30 with a cedar upgrade and an additional verandah and deck.

“We saw an advertisement in a magazine.”

“It came with all the parts ready to assemble.”

“We didn’t have to get builders involved. We had to get council approval, of course.”


The Cedarspan™ verandah and deck, a perfect addition to any cabin

Although it’s been 21 years since the cabin was built, Gail has fond memories from the time.

“My husband and a friend spent a week putting it up, and we took our time fitting it out.”


And while it was a place for guests to stay, they too had created a lifestyle for themselves.

“It generated an income for 20 years for us.”


Gail named it the ‘Rose Cottage.’

“It was very private. We had a beautiful garden. Guests couldn’t see us, and we couldn’t see them.”

“It was well before the era of Airbnb.”


The couple parted with the property a few years ago. But Gail says the Cedarspan™ cabin was an attractive feature to prospective buyers.

“It was a selling point. It added $100,000 easily. Probably more.”


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