3 Cabins to Inspire Your Tree Change Dream

Rural towns have become in-demand tree change destinations.

According to ABS data, migration to the regions has reached its highest record in two decades.

Looking for a change in pace often inspires the big move, and Cedarspan™ customers share how they realised their dream.

40H50 with cedar upgrade, rear enclosed verandah, front verandah, deck and elevated floor, and steel pier upgrade

Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park.

Making a move from Sydney, Alistair planned a prefab project for his rural property.

He chose a 40H50 and customised the design with an enclosed verandah.

An off the grid lifestyle was ideal for Alistair, using the second bedroom as his work from home office.

The ultimate tree change: off the grid living, set on 224 acres

“I worked remotely for 20 years, so it was one of the reasons we went bush.”

“It’s lovely, no traffic, no travelling. It was nice working from there with the bush setting from the cabin’s perspective.”

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Cedarspan™ 20H70 with cedar upgrade, cedar French doors, cedar windows, and verandah and deck

In the quest for a slower pace of life, this classic 20C70 cabin inspires a country lifestyle dream.

The cedar cladding upgrade, cedar windows, and doors give the cabin a classic look.

Step inside, and the Cedarspan™ high-pitched ceiling creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

After settling into country life away from the hustle and bustle, Maren says there’s no turning back.

“My daughter is in Sydney. Do I miss it? Do I want to live there? Probably not!”

Here on this rural property, a red door joins two Cedarspan™ cabins.

Nordic inspiration sets the scene where classic charm meets minimalism.

Nordic inspiration: Two Cedarspan™ cabins joined by an annex

It was 1996 when the first cabin was built, inspiring its new owners to replicate it.

“We moved here nine years ago, and it was always here.”

“We thought it’s easy to add on another section. So we wanted to copy that and add it on here,” Maren explained.

Step inside, and it’s all about the view.

The bay window isn’t the only feature that gives the room a wow factor.

What a view! The bay window was added by Maren

By painting the Cedarspan™ trusses black, the high-pitched ceiling is even more striking.

Six years on, Maren shares fond memories of having the new Cedarspan™ installed.

“It was very easy. We ordered it, they gave us a date, and they built it in the time frame.”

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