Linda’s Stylish Cabin, a Place for Happy Family Memories

A visit to the Cedarspan™ display centre inspired Linda to add a prefab cabin to her property.

“I liked the look of them and how they fit together as a kit.”


That was 25 years ago.

“It’s been wonderful.”

“It’s sturdy. It hasn’t moved. It hasn’t leaked.”


Cedarspan™ 20C30 with cedar upgrade and double-hung windows

Linda and her husband chose a 20C30 with a cedar upgrade.

By adding an annex, the couple has divided the space, creating two zones.

“The back part serves as my husband’s tool shed, and the front part has served as an extra family room for many years.”


Over the years, the cabin’s use has evolved.

Back when Linda’s sons were teenagers, it served a whole other purpose.

“It was a music practice room for two sons who are now professional musicians.”


Linda added an annex (left) creating two zones within the cabin

Linda and her husband even used the space to host a marching band.

“Because it’s insulated, it turned out to be a perfect music room for a couple of trombone players.”


Nowadays, it’s Linda’s dedicated creative space.

“I’m using it for my upholstery studio. I do lots of different crafts.”


Linda uses the cabin as an upholstery studio

When it came to assembling the structure, it was a DIY project.

“My husband and a kid from down the street who was doing his carpentry apprentice put it together. It went together easily.”


Form & Function: the multipurpose cabin is a striking feature

For the outside, Linda and her husband chose a striking colour scheme.

“We decided to spruce it up, so we put some black paint on it. It looks really smart, and we went with a red door just because.”

“I love the look of the English cabins. We travelled a bit, and that certainly was an inspiration.”


And what’s Linda’s advice for anyone considering a Cedarspan™?

“I wouldn’t hesitate. It’s great quality, very flexible. You are getting full use of the space.”


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