Two Rustic Cabins Make a Country Lifestyle Dream

It’s a tale of two Cedarspan™ cabins.

One old.

One new. 

The original has been standing for 25 years.

When Max moved onto the property, he decided to add another.

“Once we determined we wanted to keep it the same, we contacted Cedarspan


A 30C50 was added beside the existing cabin, and an annex joins the two. 

A Cedarspan™ 30C50 joins the original cabin

“There were a few different designs we went through. Doug helped us out with that process.”

“Cedarspanwas quite accommodating when we needed to change things.”


The prefab Cedarspan™ being built beside the original cabin

On the inside, the theme is rustic charm. 

“It fits into our country style living. It fits with living in a rural setting.”

The Cedarspanexposed beams add warmth and texture to the room
The Cedarspan™ high-pitched ceiling and steel trusses create a distinct look

Anyone who visits the property agrees. 

“They think it’s gorgeous. They think the spot itself is gorgeous. They love the timber.”

Side by side: The 30C50 (left) and the original cabin a 30C30 (right)

A decade on from adding the second cabin, Max is glad he did. 

“It’s improved the value of our property significantly.”

“For what we wanted and the price we paid, it was well within budget.”


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