Rick’s Cedar Cabin, a Family’s Special Place

Rick was once an empty-nester, but circumstances have changed.

“The problem with older girls is they tend to go away and come back.”

“I have wound up having a full house again.”

It was 2006 when Rick had his Cedarspan™ installed.

“At the time, we had a full house and nowhere for guests to stay, so we wanted to build a cabin.”

The prefab Cedarspancabin was built 15 years ago

He chose a 20C50 with cedar upgrade and an additional verandah and deck.

“Shortly after it was finished, my kids moved out and then we had a big house full of empty rooms.”

But soon, his children were back. It seems the cabin is the place where his children love to return.

“Now, my eldest daughter lives in the cabin by herself.”

Rick’s daughter has created a comfortable home

It’s been 15 years since Rick set out to add a prefab structure to his property.

He recalls working with the Cedarspan™ team.

“They were very accommodating.”

“It was easy for us. We knew what we wanted.”

Cedarspan20C50 with cedar upgrade and additional verandah and deck

Reflecting on how the cabin has improved the property, Rick says it was a wise investment.

“It was very good value for money.”

“We certainly couldn’t have built anything better for what we needed.”

“My daughter, who is living in it, wants to build one when she finally moves out.”

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