Tony and Julie’s Stunning Getaway with 4 Luxury Cedarspan Cabins

For two decades, this has been a family-owned working farm but since Tony and Julie acquired 20 acres of sprawling country plains in 2018, it’s been a popular destination for holiday-makers.

And it’s where four Cedarspan™ Loft Cabins shape a stunning country venue, garnering 5-star reviews on Google.

“They are all part of Lake Oberon Estate. It’s a venue for weddings and corporate events and group gatherings.”

“We also have it as an option for people to hire each cabin out for a weekend away from the city,” Tony said.

It was 2013 when Tony and Julie began bringing their vision to life. They chose 4 Cedarspan™ 40H70 Loft cabins for their property.

“I was going for the country look, and that’s why I ended up choosing Cedarspan™. I found Doug really helpful, so that was also another factor.” 

 Cedarspan™ 40H70 with cedar upgrade and two additional verandahs

Cedarspan™ structures are customisable. This feature allowed Tony the flexibility to choose a design that suited his needs and spending plan.

“I sat down with Doug and we worked through it together. I created my own custom design, working with Doug knowing what I could and couldn’t change. We made it fit my budget.”

The couple has since created an idyllic escape from the city.

Today, Lake Oberon Estate is a luxury five-star getaway.

“The majority of people who come here want to get away from Sydney, so they turn off their phones. They don’t want the wi-fi, and in some cases, they don’t even want the TV.”

Tony and Julie completed the internal fit-out, choosing a modern rustic look.

Inside the 40H70 with optional additional loft. Fit-out by Julie and Tony

The stone feature wall and the fireplace is the focal point.

But it’s the Cedarspan™ high-pitched ceiling that creates the welcoming atmosphere.

“We added more insulation, so when you turn on that wood fire heater, the place heats up and stays warm.”

Before managing the popular Airbnb destination, Tony ran his own software company.

“I was supposed to retire five years ago, and it was something for me to do and for my wife to do. It’s become a big monster for us to handle on our own. It’s more of a retirement hobby.”

The tree change has also been a rewarding experience.

“What makes it for me is the people you meet. We’ve had some high-profile people like politicians.”

And while Tony’s newfound lifestyle has been an adjustment, he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“We still have our place in Sydney and our kids live there. I only go there for necessity. I can’t handle the traffic anymore. When you’re up here and if you’ve got four cars in the heart of Oberon, that’s considered a traffic jam.”


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