Michael’s Beautiful Barn Set on a Vineyard

“It’s a quick architectural solution.”

“We got what we were after; a functional building that looked great as well.”

Four years ago, Michael and his wife, Julie, added this Cedarspan™ barn to their property.

“They are designed with nice symmetries. We thought it would look good on a vineyard.”

Cedarspan™ 30H60 Loft Barn with cedar upgrade

Michael chose a 30H60 Loft Barn with a cedar upgrade.

He added an awning, cedar windows, and custom barn doors.

“It’s a storage barn. We don’t like having machinery out.”

“We have guest accommodation as well as a cellar door. There’s a lot of public traffic, so it has to look right.”

It’s the ease of construction that appealed to Michael most.

“It was very straightforward. My guys put it together in 4 or 5 days.”

The prefab Cedarspan™ barn after assembly, ready for paint and fit-out

Michael has since sold the property but says the barn’s new owners have a new vision for the cedar barn.

“They have taken a different approach to it. They’re going to clean it out, line it, and transition it to accommodation.”

“They’re a flexible design, so there are a million things you can do with them.”

Form & Function: Michael chose a Cedarspan™ barn for storage and its classic design

The most satisfying aspect of adding the prefab barn to his property was seeing his vision come to life.

“Getting it completed and standing back and looking at it. It sat beautifully on the block.”

And to this day, he praises the process from start to finish.

“Cedarspan™ certainly did what they said they would do.”

“It’s an easy project to run – on time, on spec, on budget.”

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