Nick’s Peaceful Cabin, a Tree Change Dream


In a small town in the mid-north region of South Australia, Nick has built a home and a lifestyle.

“It’s 120km from Adelaide, but it’s way off the beaten track.”

“I always wanted to build a home. My father was a builder, and my brother had built his own home. So I thought it was time that I had done the same.”


Off the grid! Nick has built a cabin as well as a lifestyle

As a retired pilot, Nick had no prior building experience.

“The idea of a kit was appealing because the kit comes with everything.”


He chose a 40C50 with cedar upgrade, an elevated floor, and two verandahs and decks.

“I lived in it for about seven years by myself, and now I have a partner, and she comes with a dog and a cat.”


Inside the Cedarspan™: Fit-out completed by Nick

These days, Nick and Judy are living off the grid.

“There’s no power. There’s no water, so we had to build a power plant and a rainwater tank.”

“I listen to everyone else complaining about their bills.”


Nick says he hasn’t paid a water or electricity bill in the last ten years!

“Apart from that, it’s insurance and council rates and with every house – maintenance.”

“I’m a bit smug about it at times.”


Weathering the elements: The Cedarspan™ has withstood harsh conditions

The prefab cabin has also stood firm against harsh weather conditions.

“Very hot summers, very cold winters. There’s plenty of wind, too.”

“It wasn’t long after I put it up that we had some of the worst storms in the area.”

“We’ve had gusts with over 100km per hour. So there’s no problem.”


Shortly after painting! Building the prefab Cedarspan™ was a DIY project

When it came to designing the cabin, Nick recalls it as straightforward.

“It was easy. It was a pretty hands-off process.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”


Building the prefab cabin was one of Nick’s most enjoyable projects

Assembling the prefab cabin was a DIY project with help from friends.

“I don’t want to oversimplify it because it is a physical job, but you don’t have to know everything before starting.”

“There’s an instruction manual, of course.”


And Nick can’t wait to build another Cedarspan™

“It’s a very enjoyable process.”

“If anyone in the area is building one, I’ll come over and help build it. It’s fantastic!”


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