A Country Oasis, a Tree Change Dream

It’s the perfect place to escape from city life. Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park. Making a move from Sydney to Laguna, Alistair planned a prefab Cedarspan™ project for his rural property. For ten years, he and his wife called it home. “It was a beautifully designed cabin. Everything fitted […]

Tony and Julie’s Stunning Getaway with 4 Luxury Cedarspan Cabins

For two decades, this has been a family-owned working farm but since Tony and Julie acquired 20 acres of sprawling country plains in 2018, it’s been a popular destination for holiday-makers. And it’s where four Cedarspan™ Loft Cabins shape a stunning country venue, garnering 5-star reviews on Google. “They are all part of Lake Oberon […]

A Country Cabin to Inspire Your Airbnb Project

Now that Summer is upon us, holidaymakers are flocking to the regions, skipping traditional hotels, and opting for cosy homes. Cedarspan™ customers David and Karen share how they turned their cabins into successful Airbnb stays.  Welcome to St Clement’s Cottage in Oberon. This eye-catching cabin is a custom-made Cedarspan™ surrounded by English gardens on six […]

Tony’s Horse Stables and Guest Accommodation

“We love it, and everyone comments on how great they look.” Two Cedarspan™ structures stand side by side, adding both value and charm to this rural property. “From our perspective, having them in there looks appealing, and part of the joy of having a horse property is being able to put beautiful buildings on there.” […]

3 Majestic Barns to Inspire Your Country Lifestyle

Living off the grid is a dream many Australians hold. These days more and more people are making it their reality. Cedarspan™ customers share how their classic barns shaped their country lifestyles. It was a childhood memory that inspired Scott to build a barn. “My father had a cedar shed when I was younger. I […]

3 Cabins to Inspire Your Tree Change Dream

Rural towns have become in-demand tree change destinations. According to ABS data, migration to the regions has reached its highest record in two decades. Looking for a change in pace often inspires the big move, and Cedarspan™ customers share how they realised their dream. Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park. Making […]

Michael’s Beautiful Barn Set on a Vineyard

“It’s a quick architectural solution.” “We got what we were after; a functional building that looked great as well.” Four years ago, Michael and his wife, Julie, added this Cedarspan™ barn to their property. “They are designed with nice symmetries. We thought it would look good on a vineyard.” Michael chose a 30H60 Loft Barn […]

David’s Rustic Cabin, a Family Holiday Home

A trip to the Cedarspan™ display centre led David on a path to a tree change lifestyle. “We were looking around at what was available, and we went out to Girraween. I said to Doug, ‘how much is this one?’”   As it turned out, it was for sale. “We bought your ex-display cabin.”   […]

Gail’s Charming Bed & Breakfast

It was the year 2000 when Gail and her husband Terence changed their lives. “We decided we were moving to Victoria.”   They settled in Daylesford, a picturesque town known as the spa capital of Australia. “We bought a property with a view to set up a Bed and Breakfast, which we did.”   Gail […]