A Country Cabin to Inspire Your Airbnb Project

Now that Summer is upon us, holidaymakers are flocking to the regions, skipping traditional hotels, and opting for cosy homes.

Cedarspan™ customers David and Karen share how they turned their cabins into successful Airbnb stays. 

Welcome to St Clement’s Cottage in Oberon.

This eye-catching cabin is a custom-made Cedarspan™ surrounded by English gardens on six acres of land.

The Cedarspan™ Verandah Design 3040, measures 7.2m x 5.6m

Karen, one of its owners, found inspiration for the colour while overseas.

“18 years ago, we were in France, and we saw a red house on a hill, and I thought we’ll go back and paint the house red, and my husband said ‘red’?”


When they had their Cedarspan™ cottage installed in 2011, they painted it to look like a natural extension of the house.

The Cedarspan™ cottage (left) looks like a natural extension of the main house (right)

Karen and her husband, David, chose the Verandah Design 3040, which includes a high pitch roof, elevated floor, verandah, and deck.

As optional extras, they added cedar windows and a cedar entrance door.

They wanted vertical timber for the exterior, so they chose board and batten cladding.

Winter Wonderland: the Cedarspan™ cottage looking picture perfect in the snow

“We thought it might look good to match the house, and everybody seems to say the same thing.”

Over the last decade, Karen says the Cedarspan™ has changed their lifestyle, giving them an appreciation for the simple things in life.

“It’s slowed us down to stop and smell the roses.

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