Ellen’s Peaceful Holiday Cabin

This Cedarspan™ cottage is loved by its owners and those who pass by the property.
“We often have people stopping, coming in to look at it, asking if they can see inside the cottage.”
“They often say it looks tiny from the outside, but once you get in there, there’s so much more space when you get inside. They call it the Tardis from ‘Doctor Who.'”
But Ellen’s country lifestyle dream is far from science fiction. It was meticulously planned.
The prefab Cedarspan™ panels going up
“It took us a while to save and be able to build.”
“We were looking for an affordable option to have somewhere to stay when we visited our property.”
Ellen and her husband Mark set out to create a peaceful rural escape by adding a 30C40 to their property.
Installed to lock-up stage, ready for paint and fit-out
“We wanted our children to have somewhere safe and warm when we went down there.”
“It’s lovely. It’s very comfortable. It’s easy to keep warm or cool.”
Now that Ellen and Mark’s children are grown up, the couple has big plans for the cabin.
“This property was built for our retirement. We’re not in a position to retire just yet!”
“Things have kept us close to the city, like elderly parents and growing families.”
“I lost my mother this year, and my husband lost his father this year. So that has meant we can start to make plans for our retirement.”
Inside ‘The Tardis’: Ellen and Mark have created a rustic country cabin
Ellen loves her cabin so much; she’s contemplating an extension.
“We are thinking of putting another Cedarspan™ adjoining our current house.”
When Ellen is away from the holiday cabin, she always has peace of mind.
“It’s very well sealed. So these are important things when you’re not there all the time.”
30C40 with cedar upgrade and additional verandah and deck
But, when they are there, it’s always special.
“My favourite moment is every time I get down there.”
“We have wonderful views. It’s a beautiful spot. It’s lovely to have a homely cottage to go and sit on a verandah and do my knitting.”
As for Mark?
“He loves everything about it. He would go down there and be there tomorrow!”

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