3 Majestic Barns to Inspire Your Country Lifestyle

Living off the grid is a dream many Australians hold.

These days more and more people are making it their reality.

Cedarspan™ customers share how their classic barns shaped their country lifestyles.

It was a childhood memory that inspired Scott to build a barn.

30H40 with cedar upgrade, cedar French doors and windows, and barn-style double doors

“My father had a cedar shed when I was younger. I was looking to create something similar that suited the property.”


That’s when Scott came across Cedarspan™

“I was searching a few sites on the internet. It was convenient that we didn’t have to build from scratch.”


Making a move from Sydney, Scott and his family relocated to the Southern Highlands a few years ago.

These days, he and his wife are giving their teenage kids a taste of the simpler life focusing on family.

“I feel pleased to be able to offer that to them. It’s been a worthwhile move for us.”


Form meets function: A traditional barn and a multifunctional space

A mechanic by trade, Scott enjoys having a workshop on his rural property.

“I always love being in it, I guess. I love the ability to go somewhere and spend some time that isn’t so structured.”


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Loft Barn 40H60 in board and batten with barn-style double doors

Mel has built not only a practical barn but also a beautiful space.

“We have people stopping in the street, looking at it and taking photos.”


White, traditional, and loved for its simplicity.

This Cedarspan™ barn is set on three acres of land.

It stands amongst a homestead and cottage, complementing its surroundings.

All-white inspiration, the Cedarspan™ barn complements the homestead at Belle Heath

Mel and Matt chose a custom-size Loft Barn in board and batten with barn-style double doors.

“We wanted a barn, and thankfully Cedarspan™ had the design we were after. They had the traditional style.”

“I think board and batten is making a comeback. The fact that it’s been around for a long time, it is quite on-trend.”

“The barn doors attract people. It’s a huge feature.”


And a photographer’s dream.

“Every week, I have a photoshoot.”

“Oz Design, Flower Power, Pet Barn, and Married at First Sight have filmed here.”


Away from the lights and cameras, the barn takes on practical use.

“My husband races cars. We needed something that could be multi-purpose, a larger three-car garage.”


Multi-purpose space, the barn also serves as a three-car garage

The barn has since provided Matt with a space to pursue his hobbies.

“It’s man heaven.”

“He adores that space. He loves it.”


Mel says she and her husband have embraced the rural lifestyle since fleeing the big smoke.

“The barn certainly goes a long way to give us that feeling.”

“It did start us off on a beautiful path of designing the rest of the three acres.”


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30H40 with cedar upgrade. Measures 7.2m x 5.6m

This barn was Simon’s getaway for five years.

It was a place to enjoy camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and bushwalking.

To this day, Simon’s favourite memory from the cabin is the day it was installed.

The Cedarspan™ crew working through the night to complete the installation

“When the boys were putting the cabin up, I went up there. I missed them on the first day.”

“When the walls were put up, I just realised the size of it.”

“It was perhaps beyond my expectations, and it’s a solid piece of kit.”


Once installed to lock-up stage, Simon made it his own.

“I like the contrast the standout. The red door, for me it was a standout.”

“When you see it, it’s a beacon looking back through the bush.”


The classic cedar barn even endured one of Australia’s worst bushfire seasons.

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