Barry’s tropical garden oasis with Polynesian vibes

  A tree change is a pipe dream for many city-dwellers and likewise, downsizing from acreage to start a new life in the suburbs is becoming common for some. When it was time to relocate from a five acre property in the country to a growing town in northern NSW, Barry purchased his home and […]

“My cabana was a great addition” – Lisa’s home hair salon

  Lisa purchased a Melwood for her home in northern NSW, which served as a home hairdressing salon for clients. “My cabana was a great addition – a safe and peaceful space to work from home. My clients loved it too!” Installed on a stylish renovated beach house, Lisa’s home became a coastal retreat for […]

Two wooden cabins in a tranquil country retreat

When Bill took delivery of two portable wooden cabins in the Southern Highlands, he had great plans in mind for a spiritual retreat centre where many gather to refresh and reflect. Armed with a fresh vision for expansion, Bill acquired two Melwood Verandah Designs and converted them into self-contained portable villas named ‘Champagnat’ and ‘Maria.’ […]

Amanda’s coastal office, a peaceful place for clients and guests

  This all-white garden room is a striking backyard feature. It’s also Amanda’s work from home studio. “It’s been very beneficial for us.” “It’s lovely to have a separate space for the clients I have.” Since 2020, the number of Australians working from home has almost doubled in 2022, making a home office essential rather […]

Malcolm’s Stylish Hobby Room

  After recently selling his home, Malcolm says his garden room added exceptional value. “Having sold my property in a week, there was no doubt that a major selling point was that I had a studio where other similar properties did not.” The extra space away from the main dwelling was a highlight for prospective […]

Essential Work from Home Solution to Make Your Family Happy

“I army crawled in there.” “He was always on Zoom meetings.” Dodging daily video calls was not a game Jamie enjoyed playing. “I’d have to duck and try and get past the camera view to get what I had to get.” “It’s not a way to live. I couldn’t get dressed in there. He would […]

Essential Stay-at-Home Studios, a Solution to Lockdown Stress

As we find ourselves in lockdown once again, many families are feeling the strain.   With the rise of spending more time at home, so comes the demand for more space.   For these Melwood customers, timing was everything. Their garden rooms have given them space to break away from the family unit while still […]

This Beautiful Garden Room Uplifted a Family in Hard Times

“It’s been a tough six months, but we felt so blessed to have this addition. It couldn’t have come at a better time.” Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Annabel was also going through a health battle. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” “During all the chemo and radiation process, it was really […]

A Multi-Purpose Space for a Growing Family

  As Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, the need for more room and multi-functional spaces is in higher demand than ever before. “This is only a 600 square metre block, so it’s a small block when you think that we have a front yard, the house, and the pool.” Long before the pandemic, France, […]

A Work From Home Studio Built to Last

As working from home becomes the new norm, the trend is here to stay.  According to McCrindle Research, the future of work is likely to be hybrid, with 61 percent of Australians looking for a mix of working from home and in the office.  “It’s fantastic; I wouldn’t be without it.”  Melwood customers Heather and […]