This Beautiful Garden Room Uplifted a Family in Hard Times

“It’s been a tough six months, but we felt so blessed to have this addition. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Annabel was also going through a health battle.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“During all the chemo and radiation process, it was really good to go into the cabana and paint.”

“It was a very healing and peaceful environment.”

Annabel chose the Mod 20 with cedar upgrade and deck. Second-tier deck by others

One year on from the diagnosis, Annabel’s health is back on track.

“I’m clear now, and I’m waiting for another five years so I can stop the medication.”

The mother-of-two had taken up painting, a hobby she once enjoyed at her kitchen counter.

“We thought it would be a good idea to have a cabana at the back of the garden for a teenager retreat and a painting studio for me.”

Annabel added a 6-seater sofa, air conditioning, and blinds, creating a cosy retreat


It was an accidental encounter that led her to the Melwood display centre at Drummoyne.

“One day, I was at Birkenhead Point for shopping, and then I realised on the way that I saw the display centre. When I came home, I said to my husband, ‘I think I have found what we need.'”

Annabel and Michael chose the Mod 20 with cedar upgrade and two double doors.

Let There Be Light! Annabel chose two double doors and a single fixed glass sidelight

“We designed it with a lot of natural light. Within one day, we had everything we wanted.”

“It’s an easy and affordable way to transform your backyard.”

“There are no hidden costs. You know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s extremely good quality doors and cladding.”

Annabel has since drawn inspiration from the garden room’s exterior.

“We love the cedar cladding. We have put the same cedar cladding in the barbeque area and the sitting area, so all the colours are matching.”

Annabel added cedar cladding to her outdoor seating area to match the Melwood cabana

Aged 17 and 20, the outdoor room now provides Annabel’s daughters, Sascha and Léa, with independence.

 It’s also a safe place to have fun with their friends.

“In summer, those doors are always open. When we have lots of kids coming over for pool parties, they use the deck to sit down to eat.”

“If they want to have a bit of a party in the backyard and play games until 1 am, they can go back via the side lane, so they don’t have to come through the house.”

The ultimate teenager retreat by the pool, the Mod 20 measures 6.3m x 3.2m

The garden room is a space the whole family can enjoy all year round.

 “It heats up very quickly. We’ve added reverse cycle air conditioning.”

“We project films onto the ceiling, and the kids are on the sofa watching.”

It’s also a quiet place for Michael to work from home.

Divide and conquer: Annabel and Michael have created their own zone within the outdoor room

“Due to Covid, my husband has been working from home for the last year and a bit. He set up his little desk in the cabana, and he’s overlooking the pool and the flowers, and he’s happy as Larry.”

“It has brought us a lot of joy.”

“It’s classy. I’m very proud. It’s the best possible use of our back garden.”


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