Malcolm’s Stylish Hobby Room


After recently selling his home, Malcolm says his garden room added exceptional value.

“Having sold my property in a week, there was no doubt that a major selling point was that I had a studio where other similar properties did not.”

The extra space away from the main dwelling was a highlight for prospective buyers.

For Malcolm, a lifestyle change inspired a demand for more space.

“Being in the garden offers a tranquil and peaceful environment to enjoy my hobbies.”

After adding a Melwood to his backyard, Malcolm could now retreat in comfort and style.

Malcolm completed the fit-out, creating a stylish hobby room. Pic credit: @studio33creative

“I used it as a recreational area to pursue my hobbies.”

“It enabled me to have a private space of my own away from the rest of my property.”

For his backyard oasis, Malcolm chose a Verandah 12 in board and batten.

He added double doors and a panoramic window.

Installed to lock-up stage, ready for paint and fit-out

“Melwood offered the best range.”

“Everything was done for me with little fuss.”

“Melwood was very flexible in what I wanted.”

The Melwood Verandah 12 measures 3.6m x 3.2m. Pic credit: @studio33creative

And Malcolm’s advice to anyone considering an outdoor room for their backyard?

“Having taken the first step, take the second step!”

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