Essential Stay-at-Home Studios, a Solution to Lockdown Stress

As we find ourselves in lockdown once again, many families are feeling the strain.
With the rise of spending more time at home, so comes the demand for more space.
For these Melwood customers, timing was everything. Their garden rooms have given them space to break away from the family unit while still feeling connected.
Shows how the space can be used as a teenager retreat
Inside Fred & Deborah’s Mod 12, used as an outdoor office, study, and multimedia room

When Fred and Deborah entered lockdown last year, they were ready to handle the upheaval.

“We didn’t anticipate Covid-19. Having had the cabana and the technology all installed about 12 months prior left us well prepared for the challenges posed by having more people working and studying from home than usual,” Fred explained.

Speaking to us again during this week’s lockdown, the father-of-three says the cabana has given him peace of mind.
“It’s been excellent. It’s one of the purchases I’ve been most-happiest with ever.”
“With three kids in the house, plus two adults, it’s good to have that extra space. And the fact that it’s across the yard and a little bit removed.”

On the other side of Sydney, Gitte says having the outdoor office gave her husband a smoother work from home transition.

“Through the lockdown from March to September last year, he was working full time, and he could just take his laptop and move out there,” Gitte explained.

Exterior shot of the garden shed with porch
Verandah Design 20 with cedar upgrade, French doors, and double-hung windows

When it’s not being used as a home office, Gitte says it’s become a focal point for family time, creating lasting memories.

“We love being in there, sitting in the afternoon sun. It is family space for all three of us.”

Click here to see inside Gitte’s garden room 

Meanwhile, Jessica says the first lockdown inspired her to add extra space to her home.
“We felt the pressure as everyone did being under the same roof and needing a bit of extra breakout space to work independently and for the kids to play.”
Interior shot showing how spacial the garden shed is.
Inside Jessica’s Workshed Design 2654: A work from home studio and playroom
As a Clinical Psychologist, Jessica says the new space has enhanced her work from home environment.
“It’s really good for video conferencing and all the telehealth we’re doing with the work from home policy.”
For Annabel and her husband Michael, the cabana has eased the strain of lockdown restrictions.
“Due to Covid, my husband has been working from home for the last year and a bit. He set up his little desk in the cabana, and he’s overlooking the pool and the flowers, and he’s happy as Larry.”
Mod 20 Home office with Cedar Upgrade
This Mod 20 with cedar upgrade is used as a home office, art studio, and teen retreat
During the last lockdown, Annabel was also going through a health battle.
“I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”
“During all the chemo and radiation process, it was really good to go into the cabana and paint.”
“It was a very healing and peaceful environment.”

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