A Multi-Purpose Space for a Growing Family


As Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, the need for more room and multi-functional spaces is in higher demand than ever before.

“This is only a 600 square metre block, so it’s a small block when you think that we have a front yard, the house, and the pool.”

Long before the pandemic, France, decided she needed more space for her son and daughter, who have different lifestyles. 

“He is always up late, and she was always in bed early.

Then at 5 am, she would have the blender going and wake everyone up.” France explained.

This was one crowded house.

Two children.

Two dogs.

Two cats. 

The solution?

A poolside retreat, giving her then 24-year-old daughter her own space to work, sleep and relax.

France chose the Mod 23, measuring a spacious 7.2m long and 3.2m wide.

France’s Pool Cabana is The Melwood Mod 23 measuring 7.2m x 3.2m


She applied for a compliant development, and Melwood was able to assist with the process by providing the relevant drawings.

“In the end, we did do everything by the book and I’m happy because if I want to sell the house tomorrow there are no issues, everything is completely approved.”

Once delivered and installed to lock-up stage, the cabana was ready to be transformed with paint, finishes, and furnishing.

Delivery Day: The Melwood Cabana arrives on a truck, ready to be assembled


The Cabana (left) has been painted to match the house, making it look like a natural extension


A professional bodyboarder, France made it uniquely hers, painting the cabana to match the house so it looked like a natural extension.

The L-shape design allowed her to create different zones within the room.


France has created different zones within the Melwood cabana


Holiday in your own backyard with a resort-style pool cabana


“It’s much better to have that extra 20 square metres of space to use all year round than to have a space beside the pool that’s never used.”

“Our house was evaluated at a certain price before the cabin. It added 200 thousand maybe more on the value of the property.

The real estate agent always says that’s a great addition.”

For 18 months, France’s daughter enjoyed her backyard oasis, and then when Covid took hold, she moved overseas.

In the wake of the pandemic, the family fell on tough times.

“Because our income decreased all of a sudden, paying for this lifestyle becomes much harder.

Having a house on the Northern Beaches is such a gold mine. The moment you sell, you never get back into this market again.

We are holding on; we are hanging in there.”


Aerial view: By adding a Melwood cabana France has turned her pool area into a multi-purpose space


Since 2017, the cabana has been living up to be a multi-functional space.

“It’s an amazing thing to have the Melwood in the backyard to store our belongings when we rent the house out.”

And now, it can serve another purpose.

“My daughter is having a baby. I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time.”

“Grandma goes to the cabin, and she can stay here!”

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