“My cabana was a great addition” – Lisa’s home hair salon


Lisa purchased a Melwood for her home in northern NSW, which served as a home hairdressing salon for clients.

“My cabana was a great addition – a safe and peaceful space to work from home. My clients loved it too!”

Installed on a stylish renovated beach house, Lisa’s home became a coastal retreat for treasured memories but is currently on the market for sale.

Intended to use for her home-based business, Lisa has enjoyed having her private cabana to work in.

“It was when COVID and everything was happening. My friend down in Sydney got one for teaching and then another as a holiday house. She was telling me how good they were.”

Lisa installed a Melwood Mod 15, measuring 5.4×2.6m with double-hung windows and a double door upgrade. The exterior board and batten cladding was painted in black with the door trims finished in stained timber.

With a beautifully landscaped garden featuring fern frons and tropical palms, Lisa’s cabana was internally lined and painted in white with the addition of timber floorboards for a contemporary look.

Pending the sale of the house, the garden room will be going where Lisa goes. For this reason, Melwood structures are manufactured in kit form, making them easy to assemble and disassemble.

“The house isn’t being sold with the Melwood – it’s coming with me! I’ll use it for the same purpose. My husband’s got his eye on it too, thinking it will be his music room.”

“I think we may need get another one. A he-shed and she-shed!”

When it comes to Lisa’s friends and family, they too share the sentiment for her cabana.

“They say it’s unreal, it’s beautiful.”

“I prefer to be in there than in my house, to be honest.”


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