Amanda’s coastal office, a peaceful place for clients and guests


This all-white garden room is a striking backyard feature.

It’s also Amanda’s work from home studio.

“It’s been very beneficial for us.”

“It’s lovely to have a separate space for the clients I have.”

Since 2020, the number of Australians working from home has almost doubled in 2022, making a home office essential rather than optional.

“I love working from home. If I didn’t have the cabana, it would be very difficult to have clients here. It’s invaluable,” Amanda explained.

Mod Design 20 with custom panels, board and batten, and additional double doors

As a Counsellor, Amanda needed a dedicated space for her work.

“Working in a peaceful environment and doing counselling sessions makes a huge difference to how vulnerable people want to be.”

Her clients also love the outdoor space.

“I see a lot of people in traumatic situations. People generally come to counselling quite stressed out.”

“It’s high-level anxiety when they arrive. But, by the time they walk up to the cabana, everyone immediately says, ‘I feel so much more relaxed.’”

“‘It’s so peaceful’. That’s a comment I get a lot.”

Amanda’s peaceful outdoor office. Mod 20, measuring 6.3m x 3.2m


Amanda says the impact of the pandemic on families has been significant.

“If there is any pre-existing stress within a marriage, the lockdowns have exacerbated it because you no longer have that day-to-day separation.”

She says having an outdoor office gives her and her family much-needed time apart.

“It’s like a time-out room. When I’m in here, I feel like I’ve gone to work because I’ll be up here for hours. Then, I re-enter the house like I’ve driven to work.”

Your Melwood, Your Style. External painting and internal fit-out by Amanda

The garden room has since inspired a backyard makeover.

As a result, the family now enjoys their outdoor area like never before.

“We now maximise every square metre of our property as opposed to having a big back garden that we never went into before.”

Amanda added a decking area and steps, making outdoor entertaining even more inviting.

“We also landscaped the backyard at the same time. It’s not like we had a lovely back garden, and then we put the garden room in there.”

Outdoor entertaining maximised. Deck and stairs added by Amanda

The customisable design allowed her to choose the size and orientation of windows.

“I was impressed by the flexibility of the design.”

“In Summer, I have the whole cabana open if we are having drinks or entertaining, and even when I work.”

Melwood Garden Rooms, a quick and easy way to add space and value to your property

And what does she love most?

“It’s beautiful. We get an ocean breeze, and you feel like you’re outside.”

But that comes with a dilemma.

“The problem I have is when the hour is up and getting people to leave. So I always say, ‘come on, up you get!’”

“It’s a testament to the space.”


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