Quality and ease without compromise on style

Needing guest accommodation that could double as a home office and relaxation space, Natalie embarked on her search for a quick and cost-effective answer. But there were more boxes to tick. The solution could not compromise on quality, aesthetics and style. This led Natalie to Greenspan’s range of Melwood eSpace garden rooms which fulfilled her wishlist.

A garden studio wellness retreat

Dianne needed more space, fast!   After sifting through countless granny flat and cabin offerings on the market, and even considering extending her house, everything was proving too hard, too costly, and too long. Then she discovered the Melwood range from Greenspan. “It’s a beautiful space for me to de-stress and decompress.”  An urgent need for […]

The missing puzzle piece

For Nick and Charmayne, a Melwood didn’t just create extra space; it reshaped their entire home-buying journey. And it allowed them to secure a dream home they would otherwise have to forget.

Simply the best

Less is more. Keeping it simple is key. With challenging access to a particular spot in the backyard, Richard needed a simpler solution to a traditional build. Wanting the security of a reputable, local company, the answer was easy.

Changing lives in changing times 

Jamie’s initial purchase of two Melwoods, one for storage and the other for her Macramé workshop, has evolved. Also a WFH space and a sanctuary during COVID, transitioning into a gaming area and an occasional bedroom in 2023, and is now set to become her home office for a new job.

Turning dead space into a home office

Chris’ partner, is a school teacher, so she spends many hours at home during his usual 9-5 work schedule. Although they love each others company, when it comes to work, separate dedicated spaces for zoom meetings and school tutoring is a must.

After a bit of research, Chris found Melwood – The quick and easy way to turn that dead space in the back garden into a thriving home office, filled with natural light and views of their sprawling garden.

Julie’s Melwood, a lovely tribute to her Dad

When Julie’s father, Jim, passed away in 2018, she wanted to create a place where she could feel close to him. Melwood was a natural choice for Julie, as there was an existing Melwood on her property that had been installed in the 90s, it was just a little too small.

Trying to work from home with kids?

Adam & Jacqueline were feeling the challenge of working from home whilst still sharing the same space with their teenage boys wanting to watch TV & play games. A familiar experience that many parents have shared over the course of the covid lockdowns, but one that can be overcome with a Melwood!

The Melwood Mod, a space filled with natural light

Brooke personalised her Melwood by adding large glass sidelights & doors across the front, mirroring the rear façade of her home. Opening on to the manicured lawn behind the pool, this Melwood has given Brooke and her family the extra space they need to enjoy their beautiful backyard.