Laura’s Versatile Backyard Studio

“I love it. It has been amazing. It’s my space.”

“It’s my little sanctuary.”

Here in this backyard sanctuary, Laura enjoys her dedicated creative space away from all distractions.

“I’m an artist, so we needed a studio for me.”

“Also, because we have a small garden, we needed something that was going to fit.”

“Having done our research, the cabins from Melwood seemed perfect.”

Porch 10 with cedar upgrade, panoramic window, and double doors

“We had seen them many times passing by your Neutral Bay showroom, so we decided to get Melwood to look at our garden and have a chat.”

After finding the perfect fit for her garden, Laura chose a Porch Design 10 with a cedar upgrade.

She added extra windows, allowing for plenty of natural light to fill the backyard studio.

“It’s the perfect size for what I need.”

“It’s a lovely feature for our garden.”

And it’s Laura’s favourite space.

“I’ve left the inside as is. As an artist, I think it adds to it.”

“I don’t have power in my studio yet, but I will be getting it, making it easier for me to work late into the evening.”

“Everyone that comes over says ‘you’re lucky to have this space.'”

Laura’s art studio has evolved to suit her family’s changing needs

And in recent times, Laura says she’s been fortunate to have the extra space.

“During these last two years of lockdown, my daughter used it as a space to do her school work.”

“She would sit there and look out to the house. She needed space for herself, and she needed to be separate from the house.”

“She was out there all the time. I had to fight her over it.”

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