How Jessica added space and phenomenal value to her property

  “We had a valuation more recently by a Real Estate Agent, and he said it added about $100,000.” Since having her Melwood installed, Jessica and her family now enjoy more space and a significant boost to their property value. “We definitely know we got our money back and more. From a resale point of […]

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Your Property Value

Data reveals that many of us are spending more time at home, sparking a boom in home improvement and renovations. In fact, Australians have invested more money on home renovations during the pandemic years than at any other time since records began 50 years ago¹. According to Suncorp lending data, Victorians were the biggest spenders, […]

Malcolm’s Stylish Hobby Room

  After recently selling his home, Malcolm says his garden room added exceptional value. “Having sold my property in a week, there was no doubt that a major selling point was that I had a studio where other similar properties did not.” The extra space away from the main dwelling was a highlight for prospective […]

Two Siblings, Two Playrooms, a Grandma’s Huge Gift

When Marie bought a Melwood cubby house for each of her granddaughters, it wasn’t just a gift but also a life lesson she was hoping to impart. Kristie, the mother of the two girls, recounts being at the Neutral Bay display centre with her mum. “She said one of them would be great, and then […]

Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio

Award winning Sydney based artist, Kathrin takes us through her Melwood Art Studio, home to her famous portrait of Kate Ceberano, and many more awe-inspiring pieces. Kathrin chose the Melwood Mod design, a favourite for art studios. The fixed highlight windows at the top of the front wall provide an ideal light-filled space to work […]

Inside Julie’s Beautiful Cabana, a Heartfelt Tribute to Her Dad

  It’s a heart-warming story of two Melwood cabanas. One old. One new. And it’s where a daughter found inspiration to honour the memory of her late father. “Dad used to love to come down here, have a drink, and watch the kids in the water.” When Julie’s father, Jim, passed away in 2018, she […]

Secrets to Make Your Backyard a Warm and Happy Place

  “Immense value of immense happiness.” That’s the worth Gitte places on her garden room. The South Sydney resident had her Melwood installed in 2017. Back then, the motive was simple; to dampen out the sound of her husband playing the guitar. “It’s just his hobby. It hasn’t always sounded as good as it does […]

All-white inspiration for a summery garden room

When you want to make a statement in your backyard, a crisp, white garden room is a sure winner. We’ve seen it used in all of our designs, from modern to traditional, and gathered up our favourite photos to inspire you. Scroll down to take a look at some of our favourite all-white Melwood garden […]

How to Plan a Pool Cabana for Your Backyard

If there’s one backyard upgrade Aussies love, it’s a swimming pool!   A lot of pool owners face a common problem though: no poolside shade to relax in and dry off after a swim. The solution? Pool Cabanas.   These popular structures are easy to install, and the best way to make sure you get […]

6 Reasons a Pool Cabana is the best way to Create Poolside Shade

    A lot of homeowners realise (after putting in a pool) that they don’t have any shaded area poolside!   We all know the feeling of hot bricks or tiles under the Aussie summer sun. It’s definitely not somewhere you want to lie down!   It’s important to create a cool, shaded area where […]