How Jessica added space and phenomenal value to her property

  “We had a valuation more recently by a Real Estate Agent, and he said it added about $100,000.” Since having her Melwood installed, Jessica and her family now enjoy more space and a significant boost to their property value. “We definitely know we got our money back and more. From a resale point of […]

“My cabana was a great addition” – Lisa’s home hair salon

  Lisa purchased a Melwood for her home in northern NSW, which served as a home hairdressing salon for clients. “My cabana was a great addition – a safe and peaceful space to work from home. My clients loved it too!” Installed on a stylish renovated beach house, Lisa’s home became a coastal retreat for […]

A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Your Property Value

Data reveals that many of us are spending more time at home, sparking a boom in home improvement and renovations. In fact, Australians have invested more money on home renovations during the pandemic years than at any other time since records began 50 years ago¹. According to Suncorp lending data, Victorians were the biggest spenders, […]

Nicola’s home art studio for creating and selling Australian art

While it’s common to contend for sufficient space to work from home, what about spaces that enable the creative process, such as a home art studio? For Sydney based artist Nicola, having her own private space to think, reflect and create was vital, which is why she invested in a Melwood to use as an […]

Amanda’s coastal office, a peaceful place for clients and guests

  This all-white garden room is a striking backyard feature. It’s also Amanda’s work from home studio. “It’s been very beneficial for us.” “It’s lovely to have a separate space for the clients I have.” Since 2020, the number of Australians working from home has almost doubled in 2022, making a home office essential rather […]

Sonia’s teen retreat – a fun family project

Check out Sonia’s multi-purpose garden room that serves as a DJ station for birthday parties, a special off-the-grid weekender for the family, as well as a teenage retreat. “It’s not just the monetary value. It’s the lifestyle value the cabana has added to our lives.”  “For us, it’s an extra room – especially for my […]

Keith and Rowena’s Lakeside Cabana Project

“It’s been the most pain-free building experience we’ve ever had, and we’ve done a lot of building and renovations in our lifetimes.” Part fishing shack. Part art studio. This lakeside garden room is nothing short of idyllic. “We didn’t know we had fish in our dam. Keith caught some fish, which was a surprise to […]

Step Inside Joanne’s Stylish Backyard Writing Studio

“I’m absolutely thrilled with it.” “That walk across the garden is amazing, a psychological distance you cross as if you’re going to work.” To create her ideal work from home office, Joanne chose the Melwood Mod 19. “It came at a perfect time, and I’m in here every day.” Joanne says the outdoor room has […]

Tony’s Home Office, an Essential Backyard Sanctuary

With almost twice as many Australians working from home in 2022 compared to 2020, the home office is now an essential space in all households nationwide. The challenge, however, for many individuals, couples and families is space – or lack thereof. Setting up a dedicated working area that’s quiet and free from distractions can be […]

How Backyard Cabins Increase Your Property Value

With the rise in the cost of living, construction prices and house prices, backyard cabins are becoming an increasingly popular solution. They can transform your backyard by adding an extra room or two, without the expense and challenges of building an extension to your home – nor do you need to buy a new home […]

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