Keith and Rowena’s Lakeside Cabana Project

“It’s been the most pain-free building experience we’ve ever had, and we’ve done a lot of building and renovations in our lifetimes.”

Part fishing shack.

Part art studio.

This lakeside garden room is nothing short of idyllic.

“We didn’t know we had fish in our dam. Keith caught some fish, which was a surprise to us. We suddenly thought wouldn’t it be nice to have something here projecting over the water.”

After admiring a friend’s Cedarspan™ cabin, Rowena and Keith installed a Melwood Porch on their property.

A rural Cedarspan™ cabin inspired the couple to install a Melwood on their property.

“We had been looking at Maren’s cabin and we liked that. Then we went on your website and it was inspiring.”

Keith and Rowena’s Melwood garden room, painted black.
Living his best life! Poodle, ‘King Louis’ loves the Melwood cabana.

They, too, painted it black. Opting for a rustic look complementing the cabana’s natural surroundings.

“Our landscape is pretty wild. It blends in nicely.”

What a view! Rowena and Keith have created a quiet space to relax by the lake.

The couple recalls the process of designing their cabana at the Neutral Bay showroom.

“The guy there was just wonderful.”

“Nothing was difficult. Everything was easy. He would suggest things or try this and move that. He did it all on his computer screen.”

“It was very pain-free, and he was so pleasant and enthusiastic, which gave us a lot of heart.”

Installed to lock-up stage: Melwood Porch Design 18 with cedar upgrade measuring 3.2m x 5.4m.

For Keith, the highlight was watching how quickly the structure went up.

“That was the best part.”

“I start a lot of projects, and I don’t tend to finish a lot of projects. So the best thing was we could go okay this is the design we want, and we’ll leave it up to you.”

The couple completed the fit-out with an Australian native theme.
All about the vibe! Rowena added her finishing touches.

“You have a nice project to do. It keeps you not dwelling on the grim circumstance of the world, and it helps you to lighten up.”

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