How Backyard Cabins Increase Your Property Value

With the rise in the cost of living, construction prices and house prices, backyard cabins are becoming an increasingly popular solution. They can transform your backyard by adding an extra room or two, without the expense and challenges of building an extension to your home – nor do you need to buy a new home in order to gain more space.

Cabanas and Backyard Studios can make it simple to entertain guests, have an extra room for hobbies or a space for you to work without having to leave your own backyard.

Another huge benefit of backyard cabins that most homeowners don’t realise is that these standalone structures can give a huge boost to the property’s value when you decide to sell. In the very competitive Sydney real estate market, having something extra will make your property stand out.

inside of one of Melwood's backyard cabins

So what does a Real Estate Agent think about adding Backyard Cabins to Increase Property Value?

To better understand,  we talked with Kate McCullagh who recently sold a property with one of our backyard studios in it. Let’s learn more about her experience here: 

Kate McCullagh of ​​DiJones Real Estate sells property throughout the entire Sydney and Rural NSW area so she understands that adding a backyard studio is worth the investment.

I believe it will add value to your property,” she said. 

According to Kate, adding a backyard studio can increase the property’s resale value as it can serve a multitude of purposes.  

She added:

“Airbnb for a passive income, managers quarters on a rural property, studio space now with more people working from home and of course guest and overflow accommodation!”

Her experience selling the property at Burrawang Station Road, Burrawang, where we installed a Pool Studio in it, proved how backyard cabins can be useful. 

The verandah deck of a Melwood backyard cabin

Installing a pool studio is a great addition to any property because it makes the house more sellable. According to Kate: 

The pool house is stunning at the property.  Cleverly positioned to enjoy the rural views with large picture windows and a fantastic window seat in the living area which is a real talking point for all that visit the pool house. The mezzanine sleep space is also lots of fun for children!

Kate has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry so she knows what makes a good investment. When considering installing a backyard cabin, here’s her advice:

“Obviously have a good look at the lay of your land and more often than not you will find a perfect spot with a great outlook or aspect to watch a sunset. That’s the spot to build it and make it happen! I think it’s money well spent.”

We couldn’t agree more! If you are still on the fence about getting your own backyard cabin, here is what she has to say about it:

“Do it!  They are amazing I have seen some really cool ones in the highlands in my travels!” 

Ready to get your own Backyard Cabin or Pool Studio?

Whether you want a pool studio or a home office, our Melwood range provides a number of Cabana and Garden Room designs to  suit your needs. Our backyard studios provide the perfect answer for your outdoor living and lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to transform your backyard by installing a backyard cabin, the next step is to download our brochure to see our range of cabin designs. If you need a larger cabin like the Pool Studio we build at Burrawang Station Road Burrawang, you will find our catalogue here at Melwood’s sister brand, Cedarspan . You can schedule a call with our Design Consultant to discuss your next project. 

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