Tony’s Home Office, an Essential Backyard Sanctuary

With almost twice as many Australians working from home in 2022 compared to 2020, the home office is now an essential space in all households nationwide.

The challenge, however, for many individuals, couples and families is space – or lack thereof.

Setting up a dedicated working area that’s quiet and free from distractions can be almost impossible when your house floor plan is limited in size.

For Tony, a self-employed town planner, the solution was looking outside of his home to his existing block of land and installing a Melwood 12 Porch in the yard.

The new Melwood, Porch Design 12. Steps added by Tony


With two teenagers to contend with in a bustling household, the backyard office allows for respite, away from the pressures of living together in a home of limited size.

“This space gives me the ability to work from home professionally rather than sitting in a bedroom. I come here working and I can go hell for leather without all the domestic interruptions. It can also be used as a retreat or a craft room – somewhere to come away from the house.”

Porch Design 12 in board and batten with double doors, measures 3.2m x 3.6m


In addition to having his own space for working are the financial benefit of a home office.

“I used to rent an office in Chatswood. I was paying $4000 a month on rent! Do the maths. This is a lot cheaper!”

Years back, Tony bought and installed a Melwood garden room on his previous property before selling the home to an eager buyer. According to Tony, it was a key highlight for prospective buyers.

The Melwood at Tony’s previous property


“It was certainly an attraction. The guy who bought it is an architect and saw the benefit of having a garden room.”

Tony’s former Melwood is almost identical to his new Melwood, the main difference being the exterior paint colour and decking design.

Tony says, “I like this particular design with the pitched roof as it fits in well with the architecture around me.”

Mission accomplished! Tony looks content in his new backyard office.


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