How Jessica added space and phenomenal value to her property


“We had a valuation more recently by a Real Estate Agent, and he said it added about $100,000.”

Since having her Melwood installed, Jessica and her family now enjoy more space and a significant boost to their property value.

“We definitely know we got our money back and more. From a resale point of view, it’s really nice to know that we’ve done something that will be attractive to other buyers.”

It was late 2020 when Jessica and her husband, David, decided on a Melwood garden room.


Jessica and David chose the Melwood Workshed 2654, measuring 5.4m x 2.6m


“COVIDinspired us to add a little bit of extra space to our house. We felt the pressure as everyone did being under the same roof and needing a bit of extra breakout space to work independently and for the kids to play.”

As a Clinical Psychologist, Jessica, says the new space has enhanced her work-from-home environment.

“It’s really good for video conferencing and all the telehealth we’re doing with the work from home policy.”

The multi-purpose garden room serves as a work-from-home studio and kids’ playroom

David also enjoys the convenience.

“He works from home once or twice a week, so it’s a good escape where he can go for the whole day and come in and out for lunch but has his independent workspace. “

“I think the occasional time he will come out here and play Playstation!”

Once installed to lock-up stage, Jessica added her personalised style, coordinating the colours to look like a natural extension of the house.

“I didn’t want it to stand out as something that was big and didn’t fit in with our backyard.”

Jessica and David painted the garden room to look like a natural extension of the house (left)

The PreCrafted design also allowed the couple to choose the size and orientation of windows and doors. 

“We’re both very big on having lots of natural light, so I was keen to make sure the space was really open, and you were able to look onto the garden as we’re working in here.”

“The studio went up in half a day. It shocked me how quickly it went up.”


Installed to lock-up stage, ready for painting and internal fit-out


With a keen interest in interior decorating, Jessica has chosen a coastal theme.

“It’s a bit of a hobby of mine. I’ve always enjoyed picking new pieces for the walls and paint colour and link in with all the new styles.”

“The process was simple and straightforward and quickly achieved.”

Jessica added her personal style, creating a coastal feel at home

Having the outdoor room installed was also a memorable experience for her sons.

“It was fun watching them enjoy the process.”

The Melwood has since allowed Jessica and David to maximise their outdoor space for alfresco dining while keeping the kids entertained.

“Sometimes we set them up in here when spending a bit of time entertaining with friends, and they can sit in here, we can watch them, and they’re not far from that.”

The family maximises the use of their outdoor space, keeping guests and the kids entertained


“The ability to have the extra space has added a bit more relaxation in our house. As you can imagine having two boys inside is quite chaotic.”

“This has been a life-changer.”


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