An idyllic country setting!

Another much loved Cedarspan project, a gorgeous Hamptons inspired 30C40 Verandah Cabin with an idyllic Australian country view!
Our customers received their Cedarspan KIT just over 6 months ago and installed it by themselves, completing everything apart from the plumbing & electrical!

The double Cedarspan dream – Idyllic accommodation and horse stables

Another much loved multi-Cedarspan project, just outside Sydney in the idyllic Macarthur Region – one being used for gorgeous horse stables and the other as dream farm accommodation! Tony purchased his two Cedarspans just over three years ago and tells us how much he loves their addition to his farm. “When we bring clients onto […]

A Cedarspan among the gumtrees, a verandah out the front

You couldn’t get a more Australian location for this gorgeous Cedarspan Cottage just outside Mudgee, NSW. Set against a picturesque backdrop of historic Australian Gumtrees, and a Verandah across the front to enjoy a breath-taking view of the river!

Nordic-inspired double Cedarspan weekender

The Cedarspan Project that turns a small Cottage into a Nordic Inspired Guest house, overlooking the pool with an idyllic view of the country landscape. Maren purchased a property with an existing Cedarspan from 1996 and was inspired to join it to another Cedarspan and create a gorgeous Nordic Inspired Guest retreat/Weekender!

A self-sustainable Cedarspan weekender

It’s the perfect place to escape from city life, Set on approx. 90 Hectares, this gorgeous Cedarspan has been enjoyed by two different owners for a number of years and is now up for sale for another family to enjoy its off-grid comforts.

A Country Oasis, a Tree Change Dream

It’s the perfect place to escape from city life. Set on 224 acres, this rural oasis adjoins a national park. Making a move from Sydney to Laguna, Alistair planned a prefab Cedarspan™ project for his rural property. For ten years, he and his wife called it home. “It was a beautifully designed cabin. Everything fitted […]

Tony and Julie’s Stunning Getaway with 4 Luxury Cedarspan Cabins

For two decades, this has been a family-owned working farm but since Tony and Julie acquired 20 acres of sprawling country plains in 2018, it’s been a popular destination for holiday-makers. And it’s where four Cedarspan™ Loft Cabins shape a stunning country venue, garnering 5-star reviews on Google. “They are all part of Lake Oberon […]