Anastasia’s Stylish Poolside Garden Room

“We love it. We’re so happy with it.”

“Everyone in our family uses it in their special way.”

Anastasia was considering an extension on her home before finding an economical solution.

“Instead of putting on a second level, I decided it would be a cost-effective way of getting extra space.”

She and her husband chose a Porch 18 with a cedar upgrade.

“Because we could choose how we wanted our cabana to look, I chose all the things that looked like our house.”

“I put French doors on the cabana and tied it in with the house, and it looks like it’s always been there.”

Anastasia chose French doors for her cabana to match the house

Over time, the use of the garden room has evolved with the family’s changing needs.

“My husband has been using it as his office.”

“We have put in a pool, and now it’s an office and pool room.”

A family’s multipurpose space. Fit-out arranged by Anastasia

An enormous appeal of the Melwood was the flexibility the prefab structure offers.

“I do a bit of styling, so I have a strong opinion on how things look.”

“Internally, I could do what I wanted. I was able to make it my own.”

The couple originally had their garden room painted with a neutral colour scheme

In working with the Melwood team, Anastasia says it was a straightforward process.

“They were fabulous. In the planning, they were helpful and came up with the design that best suited our garden.”

It’s also a backyard retreat for the couple’s three children.

“When my husband can finally go back to the office, my kids can have the Xbox out there and listen to music.”

“The flexibility of using it for different purposes has been so effective.”

Since adding a pool, the cabana has received a makeover with a new colour scheme!

Most of all, Anastasia loves showcasing what she’s created.

“Our neighbour is about to renovate, and he said, ‘oh my goodness, this is amazing. I should get my wife over to have a look.'”

“We tell people all the time what a great addition it’s been to our house!”

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