Carol’s Country Cottage, a Mother’s Gift to Her Son

“If we ever had the opportunity to build one again. In a heartbeat. It was a wonderful experience.”


It was 2008 when Carol and her husband, Ian, looked into installing a prefab cabin.

“My son was going to university in Armidale, and he had a large dog, so we couldn’t find a house to rent.”

“We liked the look of Uralla, and so we found a block of land that was suitable at a very reasonable price and thought we would build a kit home on it.”


Cedarspan™ 30H50 with cedar upgrade, and additional verandahs and decks

And so began the process of planning and designing their Cedarspan™  cabin.

“What we were impressed by was how you could reconfigure the design.”

“The price was very reasonable.”


The prefab design provides ease of construction, which allowed Carol and Ian to help with the build.

“We found a local builder who was marvellous.”

“We participated, which made it feel special. Each wall we painted with the Cedarshield™ on the outside. My husband myself and my youngest son painted it before it went up.”


It wasn’t only a memorable experience for Carol but also for the locals.

“The whole town saw it go up.”

“People would drive past and wave, and sometimes they would drop in and have a chat because they wanted to have a look at what was going on.”


The prefab Cedarspan™  provided ease of construction. Panels stained with Cedarshield™ 

Carol also found joy in completing the internal fit-out.

“I’m a home decorator, so I loved the aspect of picking out our tiles, our tapware.”

“Painting the inside to the colours that we wanted.”


Reflecting on 2008, Carol says building the prefab Cedarspan™  cabin was a rewarding experience.

“To think we were providing a home for our son, we got a lot of satisfaction out of that.”

“We did enquire at one stage about extending it, and it wasn’t a problem. Very versatile, and the range of designs is just lovely.”

“If we had the opportunity to do it again, we would.”


For Carol, the most significant highlight was witnessing her son living independently.

“When Tim was a young man at home, he was a little grub, but he took pride in this little home.”

“You opened his pantry, and everything was so tidy and in place.”

“He took pride in it, and it was his little domain.”


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