All-white inspiration for a summery garden room

When you want to make a statement in your backyard, a crisp, white garden room is a sure winner.

We’ve seen it used in all of our designs, from modern to traditional, and gathered up our favourite photos to inspire you.

Scroll down to take a look at some of our favourite all-white Melwood garden rooms, and get the inside details on each one. 


For Alfresco Entertaining: (A Mod Design in the Northern Beaches)

Enjoy a meal with a view, whenever you like!

This beautiful Mod No.20 in the northern beaches, positioned at the back of a sloping property, makes the most of the beautiful coastal views.



Not just crisp white on the outside, this Melwood Mod also has a bright, white interior.

The shiplap wall lining and beachy decor make this space feel even more relaxing.


This is the Mod Design No.20, which measures 6.3m wide by 3.2m deep.

(Click here to view our Mod Design (available in a range of sizes).



For a quiet office space: (A neat little Mod Design in Inner Sydney)

Working from home, making calls, video conferences, podcasting.

All of these important tasks require one thing: a clean, quiet background!

What better way to create space for uninterrupted, deep work than with your own dedicated office in the backyard?

This Mod12 was recently featured in a property listing (Yes, a Melwood garden room will help sell your property!) as a potential office for buyers.

Another bonus: As timber buildings, Melwood garden rooms naturally have great insulation (visit one of our display centres and step inside a cabana for proof!). You can also add acoustic insulation if you’ll be using it as a music studio for example. 

(Click here to view our Mod Design (available in a range of sizes).


For the Whole Family: (A family-friendly Porch Design in North Sydney)

Claudia’s whole family enjoy using this chic Porch Design No.12 she has on her property in North Sydney.



With space inside for homework, painting or relaxing, and a large deck outdoors for entertaining, Claudia’s cabana is the best of both worlds!

At just 3.6m x 3.2m, the Porch No.12 is a size that most backyards will easily fit.



Claudia says “We love it. It’s the spare room that our main house doesn’t have. We use it for guests, parties, quiet afternoon naps, as a painting studio and just to get ‘away’. It’s a fabulous addition to our house.”

(Click here to view our Porch Design (available in a range of sizes).


For Storage: (A stylish storage shed)

Who says storage sheds have to be ugly? 

Whether you’re storing garden tools, sports equipment or your kids’ ‘stuff’ – you can store it securely (& neatly) with a Melwood Storage Shed. 

Another benefit? If your circumstances change (or you Marie Kondo all that stuff, and empty the shed) – you can convert it into a stylish, comfortable home office. Win-win!

Click here to view our Workshed Design (available in a range of sizes).


For Working from Home: (Two Verandah Designs become Storage + Workshop for this thriving creative)

Last in our list of pretty white Melwood garden rooms are Jamie’s home studios.

Jamie, a talented Macrame artist, has not one, but two Melwood cabanas that she uses for her Macrame business! 

Click her to see more of Jamie’s Cabanas & how she uses them. 

One cabana is used for storage, and the other is used as a workshop where Jamie brings her Macrame creations to life.  

Jamies Melwood Macrame Workshop


Jamie says the best benefit of getting her Melwood cabanas is “Being able to separate my family/home life from my work life.”

“The more my home business expanded the more space it took away from my home. I don’t have to worry about that now.”


Jamies Melwood Macrame Workshop
Jamie inside her Melwood Verandah Cabana which she uses as a Macrame Studio

(Click here to view our Verandah Design (available in a range of sizes).




Thinking about a cabana for your property? 

Putting in a Melwood cabana is fast & easy.
We realise you might have a few questions about how to get the right  Cabana for your property.

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