Award-winning Artist Takes Us Inside Her Backyard Studio

Award winning Sydney based artist, Kathrin takes us through her Melwood Art Studio, home to her famous portrait of Kate Ceberano, and many more awe-inspiring pieces.

Kathrin chose the Melwood Mod design, a favourite for art studios. The fixed highlight windows at the top of the front wall provide an ideal light-filled space to work on her masterpieces. She feels the separate space has enhanced her creativity, being able to work from home without distractions, yet still connected with the rest of the family.

“I can come out here anytime, and I’m still connected with the rest of the family.”

In 2021, Kathrin won the Archibald Packing Room prize for her portrait of Kate Ceberano, and it was there in her backyard Melwood Studio where the music legend first saw the awe-inspiring portrait.

2021 Packing Room Prize-winning portrait of Kate Ceberano. Picture courtesy of Art Gallery NSW

“She was very excited, and we were in the studio here on FaceTime talking to her mum about the painting…it was lovely having her in here.”

Kathrin added downlights and directional lights as well as shelves to store her artwork. She painted the walls white and installed floating timber floorboards creating a cosy warm space where friends, family & clients can enjoy her art!

“When we had people over for the weekend, we decided to move the dining table into the studio...You sit in there; it’s nice and warm. We had some candles burning, and you’re surrounded by the artwork.”

A new way to host a dinner party surrounded by art

Kathrin told us how versatile the space has become, doubling as an entertaining area when friends come over.

“We stepped outside and lit the firepit, and everyone was having dessert. It was lovely.”

“We were able to do a lot of the interiors ourselves to exactly how we wanted it.”

Kathrin chose the Mod Design No. 21, measuring 5.4m x 3.7m, with White Aluminium Windows & “Woodland Grey” Colorbond™️ roofing. She went with the Board & batten cladding, painting it a shade of grey, contrasting nicely against her the white doors.

“It was brilliant having that delivered and built in a day. So quick and easyYou have been amazing, great communication, great service. I would say under-promised and over-delivered.”

Kathrin shared some insights into her journey with Melwood, and how it has enhanced her lifestyle when it comes to her art.

“I love that it’s green around me. It’s almost like sitting in a little cabin in nature.”

She used to find that she would have to cut it off after certain hours of the day during winter, when her fingers got too cold, it became too hard to keep painting. Now, she finds her Melwood studio much more comfortable.

“At night, when the temperature drops, I close the doors, and it’s warm in two seconds.”

By adding the garden room, Kathrin has made her outdoor space enjoyable beyond summer. Whether it be painting late at night or entertaining guests by the firepit after dinner in the studio, this Melwood addition has truly enhanced Kathrin lifestyle.

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