Secrets to Make Your Backyard a Warm and Happy Place


“Immense value of immense happiness.”

That’s the worth Gitte places on her garden room.

The South Sydney resident had her Melwood installed in 2017.

Back then, the motive was simple; to dampen out the sound of her husband playing the guitar.

“It’s just his hobby. It hasn’t always sounded as good as it does now. When we had it built, I was keen to get him to move out of the house with his guitar!”


Verandah Design 20 with cedar upgrade, French doors, and double-hung windows

The outdoor room has since found an additional purpose as a work from home studio.

“Through the lockdown from March to September last year, he was working full time, and he could just take his laptop and move out there.”

Gitte and Arthur found joy in spending more time at home.

“We made the best of the covid lockdown and working from home because we had the space.”

And that extra space has made a significant impact.

“He moved out there and we timed him and it was a 30-second commute compared to a one-hour commute each way, each day.”


The backyard room is used for work, music, hobbies, reading, and meditation

As for Gitte, the backyard room has given her room to fulfill her hobbies.

“I have my routines and I like listening to podcasts or using it as my meditation corner.”

For the couple’s 12-year-old daughter, Maia, it’s a fun outdoor retreat.

“When she has her friends over, she loves going out there and hooking up a microphone to Arthur’s amp and telling jokes or playing board games.”

Arthur’s guitar studio has become a space the whole family can enjoy

Gitte says it’s now a focal point for family time, creating lasting memories.

“We love being in there, sitting in the afternoon sun reading a book or listening to Arthur playing the guitar.”

“It is family space for all three of us.”

“We still talk about how it has been such a beautiful addition to our home like the little sign above the door says ‘this is our happy place.’”

Making memories, the little sign above the French doors says it all


The family’s newfound happy place was inspired by Gitte’s heritage.

Arthur decided if they were going to have a garden studio it had to look like a Danish colony garden house.

“A lot of the danish houses are black or yellow or red or dark blue.”

So, Gitte and Arthur set out to find the perfect shade of blue.

True to her roots, Gitte painted the exterior to look like a Danish garden house

“I did all the painting myself, all the walls and ceiling, and the outside.”

“It looks so beautiful.”

Gitte and Arthur chose the Verandah Design 20 with cedar upgrade, French doors, and double-hung windows.

“The sunlight through those double doors and those windows is just magnificent.”

“In summers, we can sit up in the verandah in the morning in the shade. In the winters, we can sit on the verandah in the afternoon in the sun.”

Lifestyle space made easy with a Melwood Verandah 20, measuring 6.3m x 3.2m


The Melwood Verandah has also given the family some much-needed privacy.

“The house behind us is a double story and they can look straight into our backyard and now that studio is blocking that from happening.”

But perhaps, the greatest highlight has been the family’s investment in making their garden room uniquely theirs.

“The house we live in is 110 years old, the layout is not how we would want it if we built a house but this space is something that we chose and we planned, and we made.”


Inspired? Here’s how to get your own garden room

A custom-made garden room is the perfect starting point to creating more space for your family.

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