A Warm and Cosy Home, a Daughter’s Gift to Her Mother

One in seven Australians is over 65.

And as our population ages, more and more families are caring for their parents.

“Having your independence and having community nearby is part of your humanity. It’s what builds our confidence and what makes you feel capable and needed.”


When Emma needed a comfortable and safe home for her 87-year-old mother, Elma, she chose a Cedarspan™ cottage.

“She had spent years with us taking care of her, and she felt ready to live a bit more independently again but wasn’t ready to stray too far away from us.”

Classic charm, the Cedarspan™ cottage looks right at home in the Southern Highlands


When the family moved from Victoria to the Southern Highlands, they bought an acre of land, intending to build a cottage close to the main house.

“We are in a weatherboard cottage; it’s about 100 years old. We wanted something that was a natural echo of that.”


Emma chose a 30C50 with cedar upgrade and an additional verandah along the length.

“All the people I dealt with, and any flexibility I wanted with it, there was always an openness for discussion. They were fantastic.”

“We added the stairs, and we put the verandah on the front in a way that we could then potentially add a ramp for mum if we do get to that stage.”


The customisable Cedarspan™ has given the family flexibility to add a ramp for improved access

The cottage has been renovated to suit Elma’s needs.

“She’s had a major stroke since then.”

“My brother did a lot of the fit-out for the kitchen and laundry to her specifications.”

“It’s an adjustable little design, and it amazes me how flexible it can continue to be.”


Emma’s brother completed the fit-out for the kitchen and laundry


Roof and wall insulation is a standard feature of all Cedarspan™ cabins.

“I put some good heating in as well, and because it’s so well insulated, it heats and cools so beautifully and easily for her.”

Emma has created a warm and comfortable home for her mother

Handcrafted and customisable, this classic Cedarspan™ cottage provided a straightforward and convenient process for the family.

“Cedarspan™ had a lot of options. The fact that you can change dimensions and measurements, those things worked well.”

“The price point was pretty fantastic for what you get in the end. It’s an enormous amount of work.”

“Very, very quickly up pops up this gorgeous little home.”


The foundation: Our Cedarspan™ Engineered GRID Pier Floor System results in extra stability
Quick assembly, saving you from lengthy, messy, and noisy construction

Once installed to lock-up stage, Emma chose to complement the character and charm of the Southern Highlands area and the main house.

Cedarspan™ 30C50 with cedar upgrade, measures 5.6m x 9m

“We wanted something fairly neutral, so we went with dark charcoal that would blend into the landscape a bit more.”

“We didn’t want to go into contemporary, new-age designs.”

“It looks quite natural and beautiful in the setting.”


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