Scott’s Man Cave and Sheep Shearing Shed with a View

“I wanted it to blend into the hillside.”

“I’m very happy with the way it looks and sits in this environment.”


What a view! The Cedarspan™ cottage (right) creates a contrast with the main dwelling

Set on 13 acres with North Bruny Island as the backdrop, what’s not to love?

Before moving here, Scott lived on a commercially operated farm.

“I needed a shearing shed barn combination.”

“I tried in Tasmania, and nothing came up. That’s when I checked out your website, which looked like it had the aesthetics I was requiring.”


The prefab Cedarspan™ panels made their way from New South Wales to Tasmania.

Road Trip: The Cedarspanpanels transported from NSW to Tasmania

“I wanted to make sure it was an authentic barn rather than building one of those iron sheds.”

“I was very impressed with cedar as a timber.”


The Cedarspan™ creates a contrast to the rest of the property. It also gives Scott a comfortable home away from home.

On the inside, he added a partition wall to separate the living space from the shearing shed, making it a multipurpose area.

“It’s given me what I wanted, and efficient small space to have as a house, but it’s a cottage.”

“I’ve moved out of the Airbnb which was my home. I can now have 14 people staying in my B&B.”


Cedarspan 30H60 with cedar upgrade and additional verandah

He calls it ‘The Caretaker’s Cottage’.

“It’s morphed from being a shearing shed and storage area to now having a functioning kitchen and bathroom.”

“I reconstructed the doors, so I’ve got a catching pen outside. I bring them through some swinging doors. We have a letting out pen as well.”


Scott has further changed the design by modifying the original verandah. He also added an awning, sliding doors, and a tennis-hit-up board.

Scott has modified the original design to suit his needs. Click the image to enlarge

And the highlight so far?

“Having my friends up here for the first time to entertain them in my cabin.”

“I have grandkids, so they all use it for their little play hut.”


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