A Charming Cabin, a Couple’s Solution to Different Needs

It was 2009 when Wayne and Carol added a Cedarspan™ to their property.

“I would have been happy with one of those prefab steel sheds. But I thought we’d get something that’s nice.”

“My wife doesn’t like ugly,” Wayne said.


And so, here stands a robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Cedarspan™ 20H40 with cedar upgrade, additional windows, and skylights

Two years ago, a storm caused a large tree to fall on their cabin.

“It was cosmetic damage to one end of the roof and the side.”


After the storm: A fallen tree caused minimal damage to the cabin

“That little bit of damage to the shed allowed us to get an insurance claim to have another tree removed from the property.”

“The council was resistant to cutting it down even though it looked like it was going to blow down.”

“In the end, it got cut down because it had fungus in the roots.”


Flexible design: Wayne and Carol chose the size and orientation of windows and doors

Wayne recalls the flexibility in designing the cabin with the Cedarspan™ team.

“It was an evolving process. I kept sending my ideas to Doug, and he kept updating the plans.”

“I was amazed at the speed at which it went up,” Carol added.


Split in two – the bottom level of the Cedarspan™ allows Wayne to store his belongings. While the loft is Carol’s domain.

The Cedarspan™ loft area: Carol’s creative domain

“I love it. I’m a bit of an introvert, and I need alone time. So it’s a bit of a haven there.”

“She sews and paints up there, listens to her music and does yoga.”

“She puts on her music, and she goes into another space,” Wayne added.


The couple’s different lifestyles allow them both to enjoy the space.

Here’s what lock-up stage looks like with the visible foil sarking

“Wayne has a lot of stuff, and I needed some space of my own.”

“I get up there, and he’s not even allowed up. So he put that ban on himself.”

“Carol is a minimalist, and I’m into detail. We’re opposites. She wants to throw out all my stuff!”


An easy and economical way to add space and value to your property

As a Former Tax Auditor, Wayne is pleased with his investment.

“If it’s attractive, it has to improve the value of the property. If anyone bought this property as it is, I’m sure they would knock the house down and leave the shed.”


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